Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

I do not like the end of the school year. I like the idea of the end of the year and the coming of a summer of fun in the sun, not having to stick to a routine each day, and of just having some PJ day's if we want to! I am not, however,  looking forward to the last week and a half of "stuff" that comes with the end of the school year! You know what I mean... parties, field trips, teacher gifts, yearbooks, ice cream parties, field days, what to wear each day, what to bring, what to eat, etc...

UGH!!!!!!! It's SO MUCH to do and such a short time to do it all!!!

It's a juggling game of being at one kids school at this time, while trying to be at the other kids school at the exact. same. time!!! Not happenin'!

So today it was first grade over preschool end of the year party. Not because I like first grade lunch duty better than a preschool end of the year party, but because I was previously committed to the first graders before the preschool thing was planed. Luckily, the party at Avery's school was very well covered by other parents, so it wasn't like I was leaving them high and dry or anything like that. So I was able to go and be the lunch mom in Luke's classroom today. Part of me still felt bad for missing the end of the year party at Avery's school. Oh well! What can you do?  I'm only one mommy!

Today was my last day acting as the "lunch mom" in Luke's class. I've done lunch in his classroom every other Wednesday all year long. It's been fun! I enjoy being in the class with the kids and getting to know them! Plus it lets me get a little bit of my inner teacher out while still being able to be a fun, cool mom! And since next week is the last week of school, today was my last day! And boy can you tell we are close to the end of the year! The kids have that "gettin' outta school soon" energy about them! Luke's teacher told me before she left for lunch that another parent had brought in donuts, and I could give them out "as long as they were good enough" to get them.

What a better form of bribery?!?! The minute Ms. Granger left, I told them I knew about the donuts, but that unless they were good and quiet for me, they couldn't have any! (So there!) (Mean - I know!)


For almost 10 solid minutes.

Toward the end there was whispering, but still....

I was impressed!

AND - I passed out the donuts! Big smiles and thank you's all around. (Thank you to the mom who brought them!)

Then - no more silence.

Just a bit of craziness! (OK, OK - a lot of craziness!)

But it was fun. The kids loved the donuts, and I enjoyed my last lunch with them.

I was sure happy to have them all back in their seats, and mostly ready when their wonderful teacher arrived back for the rest of the school day. I'm sure she didn't get a whole lot done, as each of her students were loaded with yummy Krispy Kream goodness, but hey, I didn't bring the donuts in to share with the class, I just passed them out, let the kids eat, and then left! (Mean! I know!)

These are good times, all the excitement around the end of a good school year, it's also super busy. And it seems like the more I try to get everything straight in my brain about who's going where when and what they need while they are there, the more confusing it becomes. So from here on out, I'm going to try to just take it one day at a time!

What do my children need for school tomorrow?

Avery? Nothing, she doesn't go to school on Thursdays. Good!

Luke? Just snack and lunch. OK, I can do that.

Now Friday's a different story...  but I won't have to worry about that until tomorrow!

Only one more Wednesday in the 2011-2012 school year!

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