Thursday, May 24, 2012

Friday Eve

That's what I'm calling today. Not because it was a bad day, because it wasn't, it was actually good, but because tomorrow is Friday, and that's even better!

Friday is Avery's last day of preschool for this year. She's had a great year and made some really wonderful friends in her three year old class. It's hard to believe she was even 3 at all this year. She seems so "grown-up" lately and the year passed quickly, it's hard to believe she'll be going 4 days next year in preparation for kindergarten the following year. YIKES! So tomorrow will be fun for her as she starts her summer!

And Friday is Luke's last day for this week, and after tomorrow only 4 DAYS LEFT!!! Today I'm jumping up and down for joy at the prospect of the end of the year. Check back in about 2 weeks and ask me how I feel about it then! But for now I'm excited about the ending of a good first grade year!

AND tomorrow night is date night. And there folks is the best reason to be thinking of today as Friday Eve! My wonderful in-laws are coming to get the kids (I've found this is an important part of the "staying with Meme and Papa experience" - Papa must come get the kids its not as much fun if Mommy takes them there!) and they are keeping them overnight!

Yes, this means date night! With free babysitting! And sleeping in on Saturday! It's a wonderful thing!

Tomorrow evening we'll be going to a locally owned and operated joint in the High Point/Jamestown area. It's called Southern Roots and you can check them out here. It's a smallish place with a wonderful atmosphere and some great food! We're going with some good friends of ours (who also happen to be family!) and I'm super excited!

There is one more fun thing about today. It's "parent's night" at the gym. This means that Luke's parent or parents can come and take his Jujitsu class with him. He's SO VERY excited that his Daddy is going to come and take the class with him! It's so cute! Usually while he's in class I run, and Avery goes to the childcare room. Tonight she and I will be doing our usual, while the boys learn some big serious Jujitsu moves! It will be a good time for all I'm sure!

All this talk of Jujitsu always makes me crave sushi...

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