Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tasty Tuesday on Wacky Wednesday!

Yes, I missed Tasty Tuesday! So sorry!!

And, yes, I'm going to post about food today! Not sorry!

It's been a weird crazy week already!

Monday was totally wonderful! Our first day on the rented pontoon boat! The summer "lake season" has officially started for the Winslow family! Monday was great fun! The weather was perfect, the water was warm-ish, the company was great! It was a great way to start a week.

But that of course has messed me up. I'm having trouble keeping up with what day it is this week! And then on top of that, I was a chaperone for Luke's class end of the year trip yesterday. It's his last week of being a first grader. SO HARD to believe!

Needless to say, I didn't have much time at home - all of which brings me to Tasty Tuesday on Wacky Wednesday (today seems like Tuesday to me anyway!)

But, before I move forward with the food... a couple of pictures of the kids at Safari Nation yesterday. It's a big indoor bounce house kind of place. They also have a zip-line type thing, which Luke LOVED!

Luke waiting in line for the zip line.

Look at that smile! 

He did not want to let go! 

 Avery just being stinkin' cute!

Playing in the ball pit.

Cute aren't they?!?! Yes, I think so too!

On to some yummy.

This week, I had two ideas to post about, one breakfast and one dinner. Since I did breakfast last week, dinner wins for today!

This was one of those meals that wasn't hard at all, and that I kinda made up on the fly and that isn't on the super healthy side, but all in all, not too bad either!

I call it Pesto Chicken and Broccoli with Pasta.

You'll need:
Pasta of your choice
Chicken (since I was making it up as I went, I used a package of the pre-cooked butterball chicken breast)
fresh (or frozen and thawed) broccoli. I used "just some" about a cup and a half or two maybe.
Jar pesto (I used what I had in the fridge)
Parmesan Cheese (I like freshly shredding my own, but didn't have any, so I used the Kraft stuff)

* I didn't take pictures of each individual thing before I cooked it, but I did take a few and here they are!

This is the pesto I used

I always have some in the fridge! 

How to make it:

Since the chicken was precooked, I just warmed up a skillet, added a tiny bit of olive oil, dumped in the chicken, and added the pesto.

While that warmed up, I cooked the pasta.

After the pasta cooked, I ladled it out right into the pan with the pesto chicken and sprinkled a bit of the cheese on it. Then I added the broccoli to the boiling pasta water. Like this...

Let the broccoli boil 2-3 minutes, ladle it right from the boiling water into the pasta mixture. Mix well and there ya go... ready to serve...

Even the kids loved it. We finished the whole pot. I don't think the 4 of us have ever done that before. It was a hit!


Happy Wacky Wednesday!

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