Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Long, Long weekend

This week was supposed to be a short week for both of the kids at school. Avery only had school Monday, then her Thanksgiving holiday started!

Luke was supposed to go Monday and Tuesday, and on Tuesday his class was doing a Thanksgiving presentation with a huge feast following it. Luke worked hard on his lines and was all ready to go when he hit the bed Sunday night. We were looking forward to a short week and a good time. But about midnight Sunday night that all changed. My poor baby woke me up with a terrible yell! I dashed upstairs (unsure of what was even going on) to find him vomiting! Poor kid! He managed to get back to sleep and sleep most of the rest of the night. But the puking started again early in the morning (4:45AM to be exact!). He ran a fever for a few hours, but thankfully it wasn't very high, and the puking continued off and on for several more hours. It soon became apparent that he wouldn't be making it to school on Tuesday. So sad for him to miss the fun day at school!  We were both bummed about it!

So our long weekend, turned into a long, long weekend!

The first two days of our long, long weekend weren't very much fun so I'm determined to make the rest more fun!

We did watch our first Christmas movie today - the Polar Express - and had popcorn! That was fun! But tomorrow the fun really begins! Tomorrow we get down the Christmas decorations and I hope to get most of them put up. Normally we need David's help in getting the tree down, so I'm not sure if we'll get to that or not, but my plan is to get the rest up!

Then tomorrow evening the eating frenzy - oh wait - the family meals - begin! So much good food, with good friends and family! I'm so excited to spend some quality time with family tomorrow evening, and then again on Thanksgiving Day! It's gonna be a good time!

Some years we travel (every other to be exact!) to my folks in Georgia for Thanksgiving. This year is a non-travel year. So we'll be spending our Thanksgiving in the area. I feel so blessed and thankful to be part of not just one wonderful family - but two! And I'm very much looking forward to some good quality hangin' out time with family! And I'm sure as with many of you, I'll be missing those family members who won't be with us this year! 

There's one more thing I'm very thankful for this long, long Thanksgiving weekend, and that is that none of the Thanksgiving feasts will be at my house! Don't misunderstand me, I love (I really do love) having people at my house, but this year what I LOVE even MORE is that my wonderful bother in law and sister in law have offered to host the "main event" at their house! That allows me to not worry that our house has some sort of nasty germs hiding in it waiting for unsuspecting guests to arrive and make them sick! I've gone through an extensive decontamination (as David called it yesterday!) of the house, so if a germ did survive, it would be amazing, but I'd still worry! But since people won't be coming here, I have nothing to worry about! Thanks Rob and Amy for having us to your house!

I have much to be thankful for, but today I'm especially thankful that no one in my house is throwing up!

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