Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Detox - Day 1

I'm not usually one to "buy into" the whole detox, or cleansing thing. I've looked at several of them on the internet and they just seemed, well, weird. And really not doable. I have a family I have to feed - and my kids don't really want to eat fried kale and brussel sprouts (ok, my kids don't like to eat much of anything, but that's not what were talking about here!)!

But last month when we went to the beach, I pretty much ate ALL sorts of stuff that I just don't normally eat. And haven't eaten very much of in nearly 2 years. And I ate a TON! Ate all the time actually. It was ridiculous! And I felt yucky, and I was determined that once we got back home, I'd start doing better. Except I didn't. I mean I did a smidgen better, but not a whole lot. I wasn't cooking much, and we were eating take out and fast food type foods a bunch! Yuck! That didn't make me feel any better, and I could see myself (almost litteraly) slipping back into old habits!

That my friends is bad news! I worked really hard to get off the extra weight and my lack of self control and laziness was taking my right back where I came from! Not where I want to go.

But it just keep looking worse and worse, cause there was a trip to Georgia (traveling several hours in the car makes it hard to eat well), and then of course Thanksgiving all on the horizon. So what was the use?

Then I got in contact with my cousin who runs a gym up in New Jersey and she sent me a detox that she does and one she does with her clients. It's a fruit and veggie detox. Now this looked more like something I could do. Eat all and only (ok, so it's a little scary) fruits and veggies for 7 days? Yes, I think I can do that. I also thought it would be helpful in getting me back on track with my self control and discipline, and off the path to weight gain and laziness. So I decided I was going to do it, but I was going to wait until after Thanksgiving, because it was so close and I couldn't bring myself to make food for our family gatherings and not even be able to eat it! Then I told David about it and that I was going to give it a try. And he said he'd do it with me! Yippee!! That makes things a bunch easier!

So yesterday we started (the plan was to start the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen, due to the stomach bug that I ended up with!) and I had several interesting observations, but first I'm gonna give some stats.

I didn't think to weigh yesterday morning, but I did this morning, and it was 130.2. Way up from my lowest - not too happy about that, but another reason to be doing this! I do hope to lose some weight and then when I'm done the detox to hit the gym hard again, and get back to where I was and where I really want to be.

OK - first - I crave salty things. And I didn't realize, really realize, until yesterday how far back to eating bad for me things I had gone. When I sat down to have my salad for lunch yesterday - which I eat a salad fairly often - I felt like something was missing - what was missing? Of course - the big pile of chips that I'd slowly added back to my daily routine. And can I tell you - the desire for some salty, crunchy chips was STRONG!! But I didn't eat any. And I felt good about that!

Second - when your starting a new way of eating - all you think about is eating. And food, and lots of it, and the fact that there's all these foods that I'd really like to eat, but CANNOT eat and that just makes me thing MORE about foods I cannot have! It was a long mental day for sure!

Third -it's not just the things I eat or don't eat that I crave, its the things I drink too. I sure could have used a grande peppermint mocha yesterday afternoon!!!!

Fourth - the "fight" with eating and my weight isn't about my stomach - it's about my brain and my self control.

Yesterday was a challenge, I'm hoping today will be a bit smoother. Join my tomorrow for an update on detox - day 2!

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