Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Christmas Catolog

There are many things I love about the pre-Christmas season, and one of them is the huge influx of catalogs that come in the mail! I love looking through them and just flipping through the pages.

I think it must be something left over from my child hood - we used to get the JC Penny Christmas catalog each year - and that was the highlight of pre-Christmas! It was what I made my Christmas list from! I don't even remember how many of my gifts actually came from Penny's, but it was just so much fun to look through the book at all the possibilities!

Thanks to Target, my children are having the same experience. Mostly Luke, really. He discovered a catalog that came from Target last night right before bed time. He was so excited about it, it took some doing to get him in bed! I promised he could look at it on the way to school this morning. So that's what he did!

And he talked NONSTOP the whole way there (Luke talking all the time isn't that unusual, but he does tend to be more quiet on the way to school)! He was super excited about every page, and then over the moon excited when he saw the coupons in the middle of the book. He was just sure he could get everything he wanted out of that catalog since there were coupons!

He asked if he could use it to make a wish list. I told him he could, but upon further investigation he found the pages where ALL the things in the catalog are in nice neat rows and columns and all you have to do is circle the things you want! That discovery almost sent him out of his seat!!

It was so much fun just listening to him talk and explain to me the things he was seeing. It was exciting for me for him to be super excited about making a list!

I did also take some time to point out that he was welcome to make a wish list, but that it was just a wish list and he wouldn't be, and shouldn't expect to get all the things he wished for! He said he understood and then went right on to tell me about some Mario Brother's thing he saw!

I do love the holiday season, and I'm so excited that as the kids get older they are more excited about it too! It's going to be a fun Christmas this year!

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