Thursday, September 1, 2011


I sure have missed you all! I've missed blogging! Things around here have been just crazy the last couple of weeks!

With the start of school for Luke and getting into that new routine and dealing with several family members dealing with various illnesses (bladder infection, sinus infection, swimmers ear, vomiting due to headache and a cold have been visiting our house!) our poor dog Jane dealing with a very painful "growth" or something on her toe, and of course consignment sale time (I've been sorting, organizing and tagging cloths and shoes for 2 weeks now!) I've been trying just to keep things moving along!

Then, just to add something fun to the mix of craziness, we're in the process of redoing the master bedroom and bathroom!!!  Gotta have something fun, right? But that's a whole post on it's own!

I guess the biggest thing has been Luke starting first grade. Over all he's doing well, but I honestly have had a harder time with him starting first than I did when he started K. I guess because K was familiar territory for me personally, it didn't feel like a big deal. Somehow, first grade seems like a big deal. He's growing up, and I'm not ready. Of course, I don't have much choice, and really neither does Luke. But overall, dealing with the longer school day, a bit more homework, and even his first TEST (mommy's freaking out a bit about it, but Luke is fine!) tomorrow, he's doing well!

There are new routines and new rules to learn as well as new children to get to know and a new teacher! New if fun and exciting, but it can also be a learning curve! It's good so far! I'm so very glad we have the opportunity to send our children to a really great school, with really great teachers!

Next week Avery starts back to preschool! She's excited about school starting back. I think after spending all day at home alone with me, she's ready to see her brother! So I think going back to school will be a good thing! She'll go 3 days a week this year, which will be very different for me, as I'll have 3 mornings alone! Oh what to do, what to do?

We had the opportunity to meet Avery's new teachers last night, and I think she's gonna love them and I know she'll have a great year as well!

Well, I just wanted to put up a quick post letting everyone know I was still here and that I will be posting more regularly again (hopefully)!

Here are some posts to look forward to:

Master bedroom/bathroom redo
Jane's toe
Swedish Meatballs - you know that one sounds interesting! :-)
Luke starting Tae Kwon Do
Otis Spunkmeyer cookies

That's a taste - so check back soon! Thanks for visiting! 

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