Friday, September 2, 2011

Something New

On Monday night I tried something new for dinner. I'd been looking at them for several months in my Biggest Losser cookbook, and thought - "man, those look good!" But then when I would read the directions, they seemed really complicated. I just hadn't found a night when I had all my ducks in a row AND wanted to attempt something new.

Well, Monday night that all lined up and I spent about an hour working on some Swedish Meatballs! Following the recipe I made them from scratch! I got about half way through and started really hoping that they were gonna be good, cause they sure were a lot of work! So after making and cooking the meatballs then it was time to finish up the sauce!

It was all a totally new experience! But it all seemed to come together, and what I had tasted as I went along seemed pretty yummy.

Time for the taste test! We all sit down (did I mention that it's just David and I eating these, cause my children won't eat that sort of thing. My kids don't eat much, and I'm just one of those mom's that makes them chicken nuggets or PB&J for dinner. Think what you will of me for that!) and I'm anxiously waiting for David to take the first bite...

He loved them!! I loved them!!


It was totally worth all that work! We really enjoyed dinner. The sauce didn't turn out the exact texture or look that I thought it should, but it was really tasty, so I was happy!

I assured David that we would have them again, but it'd be a special occasion, since they were a whole lot of work! I should have taken a picture of them also, but I didn't! I will for sure do that next time too!

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