Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Day at the Lake

This summer our family has spend a good deal of time enjoying the fun and beauty of Badin Lake! We've spent hours swimming, boating, tubing, even fishing (Luke's the one that's done the fishing - yicky!)! It's been a great way to spend Saturday's together and this year we tried it in-lieu of a family vacation somewhere. It was great fun!

Yesterday was no exception. Except that due to Hurricane Irene hitting our coast full on, we (4 hours in-land) experienced 20-25 mile an hour winds! This made for an interesting experience on the lake. It was cloudy, and very, very windy! The water on the lake was white capping. I've never seen that before! But it was warm enough to be outside, so we made the best of it!

Both kids got to drive the boat, while their Daddy oversaw. At one point we were in a very rough area of the lake, the waves were huge, and just washing over the front of the boat! It really was kinda crazy! Honestly, I ended up telling David I was scared and could we please turn around! I hated to admit it, but he was enjoying himself and I was worried our kids would be washed out of the boat!

To help make the day more enjoyable, we were able to tie up at David's Aunt and Uncle's dock, which is in a cove, were the wind was much less noticeable. We spent several hours there playing in the water!

It was probably the most interesting weather day we've had at the lake! We had high winds, high seas, clouds, sun, and even a bit of rain! It was a fun day, despite the weather! I am glad we got to go!

Our Saturday's at the lake are quickly coming to an end, as we're back in school full force, with 7 days already under our belt. But we have one more Saturday to enjoy God's beautiful creation, and our family time, that's come to be very special to me! I am praying we'll have a prettier day next week, but I know that either way, we'll have a good time!

I'm so blessed to have had such great times on the lake with my wonderful family and good friends this summer! I intend to try to enjoy this fall and winter - they do after all offer some good holidays! But I gotta say, in my heart I'll be looking forward to next summer and some more time on the lake!

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