Wednesday, July 20, 2011


If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know that last year, November of '09 to be exact, I started working hard to loss weight. And I did. I lost a good bit in a short amount of time! Nearly 30 pounds I lost in about 5 or 6 months.

I look at that now, as I'm up about 7 pounds from my lowest (and really where I want to be), and I think, "how did I do that? I only want to loss 7 pounds now and I cannot seem to get them off!" Well I have several "old" ideas on that subject as well as a few new ones.

First and foremost, I'm reminded that there are many, many, many women who struggle with their weight! I'm not alone. Also, I'm reminded that once the weight is off, I have to work to keep it off. I didn't just "get thinner" and now I get to stay thin. If it was that easy, I wouldn't have been over weight to start with. So it's not just about the initial I'm gonna loss weight and get thinner thing, it's about living a different lifestyle!!!!

Weight loss isn't easy. It's just not. And often it's not fun. You have to exercise - which I really hated when I started, now I mostly enjoy it, but still I wouldn't call it fun! I haven't had as much trouble with the eating part, but it hasn't been a walk on the beach either. There are foods I like to eat that just aren't good for me. So I had to stop eating them.

Here's the problem - when I got to my goal weight, I slacked off. I stopped being so ridged about what I ate. I stopped working out 5 days a week for 2 hours a day. I gave myself more "room' and that "room" got me more weight back on. Not good.

So, if I know what and how to loss weight, why did I put some back on? Now, let me say here I realize that 7 pounds isn't a whole bunch of weight... but for me, if I'm not careful, it's the beginning of a downhill slide that ends in gaining back the full 30 pounds I lost. I'm just trying to keep myself in check here! Some of the reason I put weight back on is because when I started losing I had a goal - our 10 year anniversary trip! I was totally focused on getting the weight off before our cruise. And I did! Now, I have no cruise on the horizon. We have vacation planned, yes! We go to the lake a bunch and so I wear a bathing suit a lot, but there's no big exciting goal to reach. I'm just down to brass tacks. Living life every day, and learning to live a healthier lifestyle day by day and for no other reason than I don't want to go back to being overweight! That's a lot harder than working toward a fun exciting goal like a Mexican Riviera cruise!

Now, I could set some sort of goal for myself! David has always been very supportive of me and he would be totally for me setting some sort of "prize" for re-reaching my goal, and for that I'm thankful! But that doesn't help me deal with the fact that to stay at my "happy weight" I have to learn to balance all the things in my life to help me stay there. Eating, exercising, stress, holidays, ups and downs of life all contribute to getting to and staying at that happy weight! Hard, isn't it?!?! I'm working on ways to keep on the right path!

There are a few other "deep thoughts" I'd like to share, but this is getting kinda long so I'll save it for another post!

For now, be encouraged, if your trying to loss weight, or eat better, or exercise more, or all the above that your not alone and it's not easy! But it can be done! I know it can!

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