Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Avery's Style

I'm going to try to start a new weekly post - which for now I'm gonna call Avery's style! And I'm doing it because if you know Avery then you know that the pictures you see below are not at all "made up" or "doctored" nor did she have any "help" getting dressed.

Avery is very much one of those types of kids that knows what she wants to wear and what she DOES NOT want to wear. Most mornings now, she's getting dressed by herself (which is totally awesome for me!) So I figuare if she is putting it on by herself, then who am I to make her change after! Most days she does pretty well with the matching of the shorts and the top - it's the foot wear that gets me the most! So here is today's outfit! The only thing I did, was put her hair up! The rest was totally on her own!

I love the rain boots with the outfit! But here's the best part...

She insisted on wearing the snowman socks under the boots! Gotta love some winter socks with rain boots and shorts! But the shirt matches pretty well, don't ya think??

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