Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer slow-down??

Saturday - got up went to the lake (YIPPPEEEE)

Sunday - got up went to church

Monday - got up went to the gym

Tuesday - got up (not going to the gym) and will be going to Jump N Fun for kids to bounce

Does that sound like a slow down to you?

In my mind I was looking forward to some lazy, no-where-to-go kind of days this summer. But that does not seem to be the trend. Which probably, I'm really glad for because there's no telling what sort of fighting and bickering might be going on if we had to spend ALL day together in the house!??! I do know some of those days will come, and I'll be looking for something to do!

We will be spending our sunny days at the pool - starting next week - after the county schools let out - so that will be fun!

I have decided that no matter what this summer holds - some days busy, some not so busy - I'm going to make a huge effort to enjoy it! My time with my kids, time they actually want to spend with me is limited! It's going too fast! Luke will be in first grade next year, and there won't be many more years where he'll need me for rides at the pool or help with getting his breakfast. So I'm trying to take each day and enjoy them and the time I have with them.

So today I declare a good summer-fun day! Hope you enjoy your day as well!

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