Friday, May 27, 2011

Grilling dinner = FAIL

OK - so I was so totally excited about my dinner of fish on the grill. There was no reason to be so excited!

It was a total FAIL!!!

It started off well - ended badly.

I got the grill all turned on - no problem!

Sprayed the grill - and the fish - before I put it on - no problem!

Closed the lid (like the recipe said) and set the timer for 4 minutes - no problem!

Went back out to flip the fish - first sign of a problem - the skin on the fish stuck BADLY to the grill. Here's where it just went from bad to worse! I decided to stay with the fish this time to make sure it wouldn't stick. So in an effort to make sure that didn't happen I pushed the fish around a bit - well the more done it got the flakier it became. Yes, I know fish does that, but...

And since most of the skin was off, I was afraid I would start loosing pieces of fish into the grill - PROBLEM!

I checked the fish, it looked done to me (or maybe I just hoped it was done) and brought it in - problem!

I plated everything and packed up the food for my "clients" (did I mention I was cooking for other people too - BIG problem!), we sit down to eat, and David's fish isn't done - problem!

After checking all the other fish, I turned the oven on and put it all in there. I was pretty upset! And yes, I even cried. I know, over dinner, come on?!?! I couldn't help it! David was very sweet and understanding about the tears over something so silly!

I did manage to get the fish for my clients cooked (I was using 2 different types of fish), but ours ended up dry and yucky!

David and I had egg and cheese biscuits - should have just made those to start with!


I think I'll take a small break from the grill (lest I get too big for my britches again!) and take David's advice and start with something easier to cook on the grill - like hot dogs and hamburgers!

**Since dinner was such a mess - there are no pictures! Except of course for your mental picture of me trying desperately to get the fish to do right on the grill!

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