Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boundless Energy

My goodness, my children have boundless energy these days!

I'm doing my best to totally wear them out - which some days that does actually happen! And it's wonderful, and they go to bed so good at night, but they still wake up early in the morning and guess what?

They are all rested and rejuvenated and ready to go again!

Here's the problem - their mom is way older than them, and I'm having trouble keeping up!

Monday we went to our new summer pool place - which is actually a water park - and spent hours (seriously, like 5 or 6 hours) there! I was totally beat! And so were they and it was a good fun day!

Tuesday we hung out with Mrs. Shaw (yes, Luke's K teacher, who happens to also be my good friend!) and her daughter Mary Beth (who also babysits for the kids a bunch!) we were there like nearly 4 hours.

So needless to say, last night I was totally wiped out!

But first thing this morning, the kids started asking if we could go to the pool?!?!?!

Luckily for me, I had a dentist appointment (you will never hear those words all together coming out of my mouth again! Never do a dentist visit and lucky go together - except for this morning!) at 10 and so we didn't get heading out for the pool until later in the day. So I had some time to rest this morning!

I do like the water park, and the kids love it, but I do not know how I'm gonna keep up this pace for the whole summer! WOW!

I'm also trying to keep my morning gym workouts as part of the every day schedule! I think I'm gonna need to start drinking some of those energy drinks to keep up!

Don't get my wrong - I LOVE summer - and I love being outside and playing with the kids at the pool... but I could use a day to rest! My skin (I do so love a good summer tan!) could also use a small rest from the rays!

Maybe it'll rain tomorrow?!?!?!

If it does, I'm taking a nap!

AAAHHHH - summer time! Love it!

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