Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They're growing

Back at Easter, when we went down to visit my parents in GA, my mom was sweet and bought me some herbs - you know the kind you can grow, go outside and cut and then use them to cook with and such? Well, those are the kinds I got! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of all the plants when I first planted them, but I do have this one of the basil!

She actually got me 4 different plants, a basil, cilantro, parsley, and rosemary! This was really a huge step for me, because as a general rule, I cannot keep a living plan alive. They last about 3 weeks, then that's it, I've done it in. So agreeing to take the plants and care for them and hope they would grow was a big deal!

Well in order to help me along, David added a row - just for me - on the kids chore chart! Yes, each and every day I look at it, and think to myself "Have you taken care of your plants today?!?!" I think it's been very helpful - because as of today, this is how they look...

I've tried very hard to keep them alive this long. We've gotten a TON of rain the last several days, and I've been a bit worried that they might drown out there, but so far they seem fine!

I've used a good bit of the basil - and there's something so neat about walking outside, snipping it, adding it to the food, and then eating it! It's fun! I've enjoyed it! So hopefully I'll be able to continue to give my herbs the love and attention they need to keep growing! I guess we'll see!

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