Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Morning thoughts

Some Sunday mornings I don't much like. There's lots of fussing and complaining about getting ready for church and you can bet that if nothing else is right, then when it comes time to get dressed, that's not going to go too well either!

But then there are other Sunday mornings - like this morning - that both kids slept until 7AM (Avery) and... wait for it... 7:45AM (Luke)!!! Amazing! I was begining to think we wouldn't make it to church at all, cause I sure wasn't going to wake Luke up! But he's up and now I have to go get ready!

David's already left for church as he has duties with the audio/video team this morning, so it's just the kids and I here to get ready for church. Sometimes that goes well, sometimes not so well! But today I'm confidant that things will go smoothly and we'll get to church with minimal stress (and minimal shedding of tears)!

I have other favorite things about Sundays! Of course, going to church! And I haven't been in the service in a couple of weeks - we were traveling on Easter Sunday, and then last Sunday David and I had a meeting with 2 of the church elders. They set up an "interview" for you with the elders before you can become a member. That was a cool thing, but our meeting time was during first service and I was in the nursery during second service! Today I'll get to go to most of the service, but I'm meeting with the lady in charge of one of the hospitality ministries at the church. I'm meeting with her at the very end of the service. So that'll be cool. I'll give more information as to what I'll be doing once I know exactly what it all entails!

Another favorite Sunday thing is my Sunday newspaper! Well, not the paper itself, but the coupons! I get them all out - along with some of the local fliers and then I head on over to the Grocery Game web site and look at all the deals and make my weekly grocery list and dinner menu! Oh, it's great fun - saving money and playing the coupon game! (I know, I'm weird, but that's OK with me!)

And my newest favorite thing about Sundays - now that it's getting nice outside we're doing more grilling out! I just LOVE it! And tonight we'll be grilling some dinner on the grill! I'm also hoping that the sun will stay out (we've had SEVERAL days of cloudy and rainy) and we'll be able to eat our dinner outside!

I love this time of year - and am so thankful for the things today - the Lord's Day - has to offer!

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