Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

I am making a very serious attempt to get back to blogging more regularly. I've missed it!

How was Mother's Day? Mine was really, really wonderful! My family took amazing care of me, not just on Sunday, but all weekend!

The kids got to spend some good quality time with their grandparents Friday night and all day Saturday, so David and I got to spend some time together as well!

Friday night we went to the Greensboro Grasshoppers game. They are our local minor league ball team - lots of fun AND on Friday and Saturday nights they shoot fireworks after the game! I LOVE fireworks! Then on Saturday morning we had breakfast and drove down to IKEA in Charlotte and then visited Trader Joe's, then made a round at Concord Mills! On the way home we hit Costco and the grocery store! We decided we needed the kids to come home so we could rest! But it was a good time!

Then on Mother's Day we had lunch out and then made dinner for my Mother in law and Sister in law (but we let everyone else eat too)! Dinner was yummy and included a few new recipes like a sun-dried tomato dip appetizer and a chocolate cake for dessert, a chocolate cake that I made. You may ask what the big deal is? Well, the big deal is, that I don't think I've ever made a chocolate cake before. Nope, never - not even one from a box (which this one was). But I did on Sunday and it turned out yummy (if I do say so myself)!

It was a good time and I was showered with many lovely cards and gifts from chocolate covered strawberries and yummy peanut butter cups to a huge surprise gift - an iPhone!!! I'm still learning how to use it! It does all sorts of cool things and I'm really enjoying it!

*I tired to email myself a picture I took of the cake from my above said iPhone, but I must have done something wrong, cause I cannot seem to find it now!?!? Sorry! *

Thanks so much to my wonderful hubby who helped to make my day so special!

This was an especially special Mother's Day to me because as of late I've had some personal struggles with my role as stay at home mom verses working outside the home and that type of thing. So this Mother's Day was timely and very wonderful as I felt very special and very loved and very sure that staying at home with my kids - although sometimes very hard - is TOTALLY what I want to do and am beyond blessed to be able to do that!

I hope for all you other moms out there - whether you stay at home or work outside the home as well - that you felt loved and appreciated! Mothering is hard, HARD work, and I hope those you mother treated you with love!

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