Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life is so - Daily

Thank you Mary Engelbright for the title! And even though I didn't come up with that on my own, it's so very true and especially this past week - it's been TOTALLY true!

I'm not sure if it's the weather, or the end of the school year, or their age - or just what, but this past week the kids have been, shall we say, challenging?!?! My goodness! It was a LONG week full of the same challenges over and over again! The one up side seems to have been that they took turns! They each took a day, they alternated. I'm not sure if they worked that out ahead of time or just what, but all in all I was thankful we only had to deal with one kid per day!

What, might you ask was the problem? Well, lets see - it was everything from outright disobeying and bad attitudes, to not having self-control and touching others while at school. The lack of self control came with some serious consequences for my poor little guy. He had to go see the dean (she's a step between his teacher and the principal) - twice! And he had silent lunch once this week and will have it 2 days in a row next week. We of course are also handing out punishments at home. We are also offering lots of prayers.

He's not being mean - necessarily, just mostly playing at times he shouldn't be, and in general showing a lack of self control. Yes, I know he's only 6, but this is a problem and one that he seems to have at school as well as at home. So we're working hard to try to help him learn to control himself and deal with the things that upset him (like his sister irritating him) in a better way! Plus, I think he's just done going to school every day (I know I'm ready for a break!), and I keep reminding him he only has 2 weeks left and then we can spend a lot more time outside blowing off excess energy!

As for as my sweet baby girl - she's a strong willed, independent little thing! This week - her greatest offense - or work of art, if your not her parent, would be this...

Yes, that is what you think it is. Permanent marker on my dinning room wall! Grand, isn't it?!?! Well for this offense, she got sent to her room. Which turned into a HUGE ordeal, because she keep coming out of her room, and getting other things that were getting her into more and more trouble! It ended with lots of crying! Oh, yeah - Avery cried too!

Then yesterday my wonderfully insightful hubby (who notices I might need a few minutes to myself!) offered to stay with the kids if I wanted to go somewhere on my own! I immediately took him up on this offer, and headed out to get a pedicure. It was wonderful! Probably the best pedi I've ever had! The girl was wonderful and very sweet and it all felt great, but the best part was the reminder God sent me while I was there.

After the polish was all put on, I was sent to sit at the dryer. Across the table from me sat a mother and daughter - the mother being in her mid 80's and the daughter probably in her early to mid 60's. From the time I sat down the mother keep asking the daughter if she could put her socks and shoes back on. And the daughter EACH and EVERY time (and it was probably asked every 2 - 3 minutes) answered the mother in a sweet, calm voice "Sure you can Mom, if you want to, but your toe nail polish isn't dry yet, so you'll mess them up if you put your socks on now." Over and over again I watched this reversal in roles. Because anyone with small children or who remembers having small children knows that small children tend to ask the same question over and over and over again, until you just want to scream!

I was reminded again, of the blessing my children are, and how really short life is. I could have cried for this lovely mother and daughter. The daughter was so patient and sweet with her mom, and obviously doing what she could to take her mom out and do nice things for and with her, even though the mom didn't seem to really know or appreciate it! I feel (again, like EVERY OTHER MOTHER that has ever been!) overwhelmed with having to do the same things over and over again without much change in behavior and attitude. I thought of my mom and the fact that I'm SURE she went through some very unpleasant times with me when I was young (and even when I was old enough to know better!)and yet, her and my dad stuck with it, and here I am today going through the same things. And one day - my daughter may have to tell me over and over again that I just had my toes done and I'll need to wait to put my shoes back on.

It was just what I needed to put life back into perspective. I'm seriously praying this week will be better and that God will give me the wisdom I need to parent the two blessings He's given me in a way that helps them and honor's Him! And I'm also very happily going to do two more weeks of kindergarten and SO look forward to summer! And I'm not going to think one bit about my baby being a first grader!!!


Jessi said...

Great post Hol, and what a poignant story about the role reversal of mother/daughter...good to remember...

Holly said...

Thanks Jessi! Yes, God needed me to see just how special the parent child relationship is! I lost sight of it last week!