Saturday, January 22, 2011


When my children were small - infants - they didn't sleep much. OK, wait, that's not true. When Luke was a newborn, into infancy onto the toddler ages actually until he was 4 years old - he didn't sleep much. He was awake most every night. Anyway, he finally sleeps now. Avery did better as a baby, she slept more regularly and in general sleeps better now.

But what I'm coming to realize is that there'll always be something. Something that might keep me up at night (besides getting older and having to go pee several times a night!).

And by something I mean of course my kids and their somethings...

For example:

A 3 year old who's fully potty trained, but doesn't quite get that if you have to wake up to go to the bathroom in the night, it's not morning time! It's still the middle of the night and what you need to do is go pee, and go back to bed. Instead, what said 3 year old does is: gets up, comes to my room, asks to get in bed with me, whines when I take her to the bathroom, and the whines when I put her back in bed. Then comes the hour long (or more) being awake time. This time includes repeated visits to my bedside, strange itchy places, or mysterious hurts that didn't exist until now all seem to show their ugly heads during this time.

Eventually Mr. Sandman pays the 3 year old a visit and off to sleep mommy goes too!


The 6 year old who goes to school each and every day and is exposed to all sorts of yucky germs who has decided that sleeping in regular PJ's (you know the cute matching ones they make for kids) is no longer for him, and he only wears pants or sometimes shorts to bed (when did he grow up?), which just might make it harder for his body to stay warm which then all leads to waking up to shrill yelling at 5:30AM.

That yell (and my sometimes dangerous trip up the steps to his bedroom) is then followed by a series of questions, What's wrong? You're warm! Are you gonna throw up? (which the answer to that is ALWAYS no) What else hurts? Then more crying and then guess what?!?!?

Yup, you guessed it.

Puking. (Even though 30 seconds ago I asked if you thought you might?!?!)

Then the stripping of the sheets, the re-making up of the bed, the dolling out of meds to help with the hurts, getting the sheets into the washer. And oh then the second puke while I'm still putting the sheets in the washing machine from the first puke! Repeat above process!

Oh, did I mention that the hollering, whaling 6 year old's cries woke the 3 year old? You do remember it's 5:30AM?!?!

Good morning Saturday! *smile*

How I hate for my kiddo's to be sick! It's sad for them, and when one someone is sick it's hard cause there's only so much I can do for them!!

I guess the saying "you can sleep when your dead" is no more true than when you have children.

On the up side, as of right now (7:55AM) Luke seems to be feeling better and hasn't thrown up in about an hour!

God is good and always gives us just what we need (He and I just seem to have different views on how much sleep I would like to get! :-))!!!


Jessi said...

We just went through the same deal, so I totally feel for you!! Hope everyone's better (and you can get some sleep!) soon!! (Oh, and good news...once they're both in school, you COULD grab a nap in there somewhere! It's at least sooner on the timeline than being dead!!!) :)

Holly said...

I love the idea of one day being able to nap when they are both at school! Your so right, closer than death, AND something to look forward to! Thanks Jes!!!