Friday, January 21, 2011

Pampered Chef

As some of you know, I hosted a Pampered Chef show here at my house on Tuesday evening. Oh what fun it was! Why do I so love Pampered Chef? I honestly don't know! But I do, and I've gotten myself quite a collection of PC items! Not as many as my Mom, but still, I'm doing pretty good I think! And the best part is, I'll get to get more once all the orders from my show are in!!

That's the best part about hosting a show. You get products at a reduced - greatly reduced price!

If you've never been to or hosted a PC show, I would encourage you to do both. Yeah, it's like any of those other things where you have a "party" and have to invite people on a week night when people are with their famlies and then some of those people think your nuts for inviting them, or they get mad cause you didn't invite them or you get this type of response "they have so much to do, how could they possibly have time for your thing too!?!?" And that's all OK cause it doesn't matter how many come, it's just fun with whoever comes! And in my experience, people who come to the parties have a good time and go to more of them!

Now, I have to say that I'm a bit partial to my PC consultant. She's a friend. We went to church together for many years and she's a great lady. She loves the Lord and her family and is a really excellent consultant! She's been in the business something like 14 1/2 years and if you could meet her (or have met her) you too would love her! The other cool thing about Deb (that's her name!) is that her 14 (or is she 15 now?!?!) year old daughter comes with her to each and every show and helps with the prep and clean up and such. She earns some money and then puts that money aside for something she is saving for (which I believe is a horse!). So it's really neat to see mother and daughter working together and selling such a useful product! And it's neat that Allie is learning at a young age she can earn money for the things she wants by working! And she's a great cook!

Now that I've given a great plug to PC and Deb - oh by the way - if you'd like to place an order before Monday - click here - and that'll take you to Deb's site and the purchase will count towards my show (be sure to enter my name as the hostess).

OK - NOW I'm done the plug!

So why a whole post on PC? I'm not in the business (although it's one of the ideas I've considered when it comes time to go back to work) so it doesn't really do my any good... but really I'm posting about it beacuse I really do love the products. I am slowly stocking my kitchen with products that make cooking easier. Since I do a good deal of cooking I use the stuff in my kitchen all the time!!! And I use mostly PC things!

My biggest problem - space. Each time I get something new I basiclly have to get rid of something old. I just don't have the space to add new without making room for it! This I've come to discover isn't such a bad thing.

The need to move out the old before bringing in the new has done a couple of things for me:

1) it keeps me from just running out and buying new stuff. This is true for all spaces in my house, not just my kitchen.

2) it keeps me from having too much stuff. I am a firm believer that you fill the space in whatever house you live in. When we moved to Colfax from Kernersville - basically we got a smaller house. So we got rid of a TON of stuff when we moved here 3 and a half years ago. And if your a regular reader you know we did a big clean out before Christmas as well. Stuff just gets all piled up and we don't need it or even use it - so out it goes.

3) it allows me to be really thankful for the things I do have. I love them, use them and in this case am happy to be out with the old so I can be in with the new PC stuff!!

OK, so maybe this wasn't the most relevant post, but I hope you enjoyed it. And for the sake of making it fun (and wouldn't Deb be proud) if you use PC products in your kitchen, what is your favorite? Leave a comment and we'll all share in your joy!

My favorite PC product would be (and this is a hard choice to make, I might do better to divide it up into categories such as small items, cookware, bake ware, things for entertaining etc.) the deep covered baker. It's a really great item - and since I'm limiting myself to one, that's the one! (I tried to post a picture of it, and couldn't for some reason. Sorry! Just take a look at it on Deb's web site!)


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

I hate it that I couldn't be there for your party! Just another bad thing about living so far away. Can you imagine Dad's face if I told him we needed to come to NC so I could be at your PC party???!!! LOL I'm glad I was able to order online so you got credit for it & am really looking forward to receiving my order!!!!

I honestly couldn't say what my favorite piece would be. I love my chopper, but I also love all the entertaining pieces! The snowman pieces y'all got me for Christmas are ADORABLE & I even went so far as to order some more of the appetizer plates because I don't ever entertain just 4 people!!! LOL...and I want everyone to have their own snowman plate! Anyone who knows me knows that I love to entertain, and in spite of my physical limitations at times, I do my best to entertain as often as possible. To that end, I ordered the Appetizer Plates & Caddy set & I can't wait til it gets here! When my final touches for my re-done sunroom arrive, I plan on having some of our Corvette club buddies over for an "open sunroom" get-together. You KNOW that those appetizer plates & caddy will be sitting center stage on the island in my kitchen!!!

I also ordered some cookbooks because I'm always up for new recipes! I might even go so far as to have a partyy when y'all & other family are here for Easter! It would be fun to use my snowman plates in April, huh? LOL

Let me know when T has her party & I'll order some more things. I have my wishlist & just love crossing things off it! :-)

Love you!!

Holly said...

I do love my chopper too. And my knives and my cookware, and the garlic press, and my pretty dot classes, and my big serving platter, and on and on!!!!

It would have been fun to have you here, but 7 hours for a PC party?!?! Kinda crazy. Maybe for T's you can come and spend a few days with us, you and I can go, and then it would just be for a PC party!?!?! OF course your welcome here anytime!

carla said...

Oh man, SO sorry Luke is sick. Hope it doesn't spread through the house! I remember those days when the kids were young and in school germ sharing....

As far as PC goes, it is sooo hard to narrow it down to just one favorite product!! WOW I guess it would be the large bar stone(exact name???), but I have some bvery close rivals :)

Holly said...

Carla, the large bar pan is the Feb. host special, and a couple of the girls who came to my show booked parties, so I'll be getting one next month!!! I'm pretty excited about it! I have the small bar pan, but not the big one!!! Thanks for your concern for Luke! He seems to be doing much better today!