Thursday, January 20, 2011


OK, so I seem to have gotten taken up in this whole new year, new budget, save money, spend less, get more food for less money thing. Well, I've gotten caught up in the idea anyway.

It's just overwhelming. I cannot seem to get my mind in line with the coupons and how to make all that work together with the foods that we eat here.

For maybe 6 months or so last year - or maybe the year before - we got the Sunday paper so I could get the coupons. I did use some of them, but overall I either needed things that there was no coupon for, or if I did get the items, I was prone to forget to actually give the coupons to the check out person! DUH! So after our Sunday subscription was up, we just didn't renew it.

Well now there's all kinds of stuff you can do on-line with coupons. There's a site I've spent a little bit of time on, it's called Southern Savers and it looks pretty helpful from what I've been able to decipher so far. The site provides listings of local grocery store deals as well as coupons. I need to spend a good bit more time on the site and see what else I can learn. Again, it's a little overwhelming I guess because it's something I'm new at and just don't know that much about!

I have discovered that I need to download some thing onto my computer called the coupon printer. All the coupon sites I've looked at require it in order to print the coupons you want. So at some point (after I clear it with my computer guy :-)) I'll have to download that so I can actually use the coupons.

I think the thing that really sent me down this road was watching 30 minutes (yup, just one half hour) of that Extreme Couponing show on TLC. I've never seen anything like it!!! These people have ALL these coupons, they gather them, they do all this math stuff about getting the right deal, they go to the grocery store on double and triple coupon day and they have $600+ grocery bills that after their coupons they pay like $2 for. It's totally amazing.

Again, my problem seems to be that there's lots of coupons for things like cereal and hand soup - which are great - but overall my kids don't eat that much cereal and I only have so much space to store extra bottles of hand soap. This still doesn't help me with things like fresh fruits and veggies, which we eat a TON of here.

I say all that to say, I'm caught in the "couponing craze" that seems to be all around me. Maybe it's always been around me, and I never noticed before, but I'm noticing now - and I really would like to save some money on our grocery budget each month!!! So I will pursue trying to figure out how to use coupons to do that and which stores to shop at to get the best deals on meats and other items we eat a lot of! It sure would be nice if I could have someone who knows how would just come to my house - with the coupons I need and go grocery shopping with me!

Now, wouldn't that be nice?


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

If you take the time, couponing can be very rewarding. The biggest problem I think you may run into is storage space. It really saves when you can get stuff that's on special at the store, along with using coupons. One time (recently) I bought 10 cans of corn because it was on special and I had a coupon. Dad wondered if there was some sort of corn shortage predicted that he hadn't heard about. LOL If you can get your hands on the local supermarket's weekly flyers, you can catch the fresh fruits & veggies on sale. A lot of times, it's all about knowing your prices. Have fun!!!


Holly said...

yup, mom I thought of the storage thing too. But I am gonna try! Plus things like cans of corn - that we'd eat! :-) I just gotta get my head in the coupon game!