Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pizza Party

This year for Luke's birthday he got to choose what he wanted to do. His choices were to have a big, invite all his friends, party at a place like Jump N Fun OR have a "smaller" family party and get a bigger present from Mommy and Daddy.

Let me just say here, that he's totally into Lego's right now and if you haven't bought Lego's in a while - they cost a small fortune!

So he chose a family party! So family party it was! The neat thing is that he has a cousin (she's David's cousins wife) who's birthday is 3 days before Luke's. To make it a true family party we asked Heather if we could celebrate her birthday along with Luke's! She was nice enough to agree, so we planned a fun filled family time!

This was a pizza party! Every kid loves to have a pizza party, right? Well since there were only 3 children in attendance, I thought we'd try things a little differently this time. This wasn't your average Domino's delivery pizza party - NOPE - this was a make your own pizza party! And boy was it fun!

I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, but I did get a few.

I also want to say that I made the dough for the pizza crusts from scratch. Yes, me - the non-baker person, who runs from anything that looks like baking - made pizza dough! It turned out pretty good too (if I do say so myself)!

The recipe was pretty simple, I got it from Giada and the dough turned out pretty nice. Here's a few pictures of the process - and of course my little helper (she calls herself a "cooker")

Then I put out a full array of toppings. From grilled chicken to spinach we had a wide variety! So each person got to roll out their dough, choose their toppings, top their pizza and bake away in the oven!

It was a blast!

The cake came from a Greensboro bakery called Delicious and it lived up to it's name! They make a large assortment of different cakes with different flavored icings and fillings and all this type of thing, but when I asked Luke what he wanted - white cake with chocolate icing. Simple enough! It was really yummy! And it looked pretty too!

Overall it was a successful, fun night! Food was good, cake was good, presents were good and the time celebrating and being with family was priceless!

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