Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Big Girl room

The time finally came. My baby isn't really a baby anymore!!!!

On Sunday we moved all of Avery's "baby" furniture out of her room and moved in some "big girl" furniture!

She's been ready for a while for the whole big girl thing. She has been in a converted crib for nearly 2 years. Ever since she started climbing out of her crib at about 12 months! So she was ready to make the move!

As I'm sure you know - furniture is kinda costly, so instead of going out and buying all brand new furniture, we were lucky enough to have a queen bed and a dresser that were in our guest room/office. So we moved that into Avery's room! The plan is then when we have guest, they can sleep in Avery's room and she can sleep on the floor in our room, or as she gets a bit older, in Luke's room. (His bed has a trundle underneath, so we'll just have to get a mattress to put under there!)

And then just for the times when my folks and my sis and bro in law are here, we got a really nice blow up mattress! So everyone will have somewhere comfy to sleep!

I wasn't so excited at first about moving our existing furniture into Avery's room. I wanted new, white, pretty, girl-y stuff to put in there! But after thinking about it and really looking at it, it seemed really silly to spend money on furniture when we already HAVE really good furniture! So we moved it and then I went on line to JC Penny and ordered a pretty pink comforter set and some curtains and I cannot wait for them to arrive!

You should click here to see a cute picture of Avery and her bed now, it's on David's blog. I didn't take the before pictures (I'm really bad about that I guess), but here's what it looks like now, and at the bottom is a picture of the stuff I ordered from the web. I'll post pictures of it all in here room when it all arrives and I have it up!

I'm beginning to feel like my house is in the order we hoped it would be in when we moved in! I'm so excited about the whole thing!

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Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

I'm excited for you! There's just some warm fuzzy feeling that happens in your tummy when your home is as you want it! Can't believe Avey-girl is 3 already! Just seems like last week that I flew up to take care of Luke while you were in the hospital having Avery. The days of Luke sitting on my lap are gone, I'm afraid. I'm happy to get a hug & a quick kiss from him these days!