Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!

Let me just tell ya - life around here has changed! I thought we were busy before! My goodness!! Are we ever busy now!

It's all good stuff that is keeping us busy! I like busy, but I also like some time to just be at home and be with my family and be still!

In addition to Luke starting school, Avery will start next week on the 8th, (both kids at new schools), I've also added another "client" to my personal chef "business". It's all very exciting!

As for school - big kid school - this is the biggest change in our lives! The hardest adjustment has been the schedule. Since Luke attends a wonderful charter school, there are no buses (which I wouldn't put my 5 year old on a bus now-a-days anyway) I have to take him and pick him up. Well, we're a good 12 - 15 miles and with traffic, it's about a 20 minute drive. So we get going pretty early in the morning.

Early in the morning isn't usually a problem for Luke. He's an early riser, but to get up, get dressed, get teeth brushed, eat and get out the door with all our stuff... that's taking some getting used to! Overall, he's doing really, really well and I think (after a full week and a half) that I'm finally getting into the swing of things myself.

Then I get him in the afternoon. He's usually in a great mood and has only had homework one time, but he really enjoyed doing that. I know there will be more after Labor day, and I think that will be good for him. Something to help him transition from school to home! I love that he loves school and homework and all that! I hope it lasts a long time!

Bed time is another adjustment. We're trying to get him in bed at an early hour since he's totally exhausted after school. And no matter how tired he is or how late he stays up, he's still awake about 6:15 - 6:30 every morning. So going to bed early is important! We're aiming for about 7:30, but some nights it's still 8PM. He defiantly does better if he has more sleep! He's much less weepy and happier in general when he's in bed and asleep earlier!

The early bed time does really cut back on our ability to go out in the evenings! We weren't really going out that much before, but since every week night is a school night now, we don't have the flexibility we used to have! But that's OK, cause I want him to wake up each morning feeling rested and ready for a good day!

And then - as some of you know - it's consignment sale time around here! I've been to two so far, and I'm consigning at one of them coming up in 2 weeks! So I've been busy tagging and sorting and organizing stuff for that! I love getting a good deal on cloths and stuff for the kids!

Then there's the upcoming 10 year anniversary trip! I'm slowly getting everything in order for that! It'll be here before I know it, and I'm afraid I won't be ready!!! But no matter what I don't have ready - I have formal dresses and shoes for our formal dinner nights and I couldn't be more excited about that if I tried! There will be more posts on the upcoming trip soon!

And like I said before I also took on another family to cook for, but I'll tell you all about that in another post also!

Let's just sum it up like this. I am busy, busy, busy - but really enjoying the different stage of life we're in now. I don't want it to go by too fast and me miss it!

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