Sunday, September 5, 2010

First hints...

The weather in NC is normally hot and humid in the summer time. And you can expect those types of temperatures until at least mid to late September, and often into early October.

Which I really don't mind usually! I like summer. I like summer activities, playing in the pool, going to the lake, going to the beach. I like being outside in the sun! And we've had a great summer doing all those things! It's really been all I could have hoped for!

But this past weekend was unseasonably cool and it was really nice! We had a really good weekend, it was nothing unusually special. Breakfast with the in laws and then home to do some cleaning of the stuff that was living in our crawl space due to mold (that's a whole different post!), and in general just hangin' out and getting stuff done. It was nice to be able to be outside and work and not completely sweat to death! It was nice to have all the window's open!

I might have to say, even a bit hesitantly, that I might be looking forward to fall. There are things I am growing to love about fall weather such as the aforementioned open windows, and doing stuff outside, but also it brings the need for routine since we're on a school schedule, which I like.

Fall also brings football! This is a newer thing here at the Winslow house... we're developing a new appreciation for football and I think it's a great reason to have friends over and hang out! I love a reason to have friends together!

So I think I'm looking forward to fall this year!

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