Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What to do?

I don't know about you, but ever time I think things with the economy are getting better, I hear about or see some one else who lost a job, or is still looking for a job or who had some sort of big health issue and their medical benefits at their job have been chopped or cut completely off! What is going on?

It's sad, really.

In talking with David last evening about it, we said that having an education helps offer some security, but how can you anticipate "this type of economy," I asked?! I mean back when I started college - teaching was a very secure field. Yup, you wanna always have a job - become a teacher. Teachers are ALWAYS needed. And right now - all over the country - teachers are loosing their jobs just like everyone else! David pointed out that overall it's still a pretty secure field to be in, and he's right, but really... it's pretty scary for teachers (as well as everyone else out there) right now.

You may ask why this even matters to me, since I stay at home, but aside from the obvious - that my hubby runs his own business, a service based business, providing for other businesses (and Winslow System's success depends somewhat on the success of those other businesses!), and that many family and friends are "out there" in the work force and each day brings uncertainty for the future for all. It's concerning for all.

So along those lines... and combine with the fact that my oldest is starting school this year, there's been much thought and some talk about what I will do when both kids are in school?!?!!

I am not sure... but we've talked about several things from opening some sort of smoothie place to a whole range of things having to do with my "personal chef" stuff, weight loss stuff, and having a healthier family.

Who knows what it'll end up being... but it's been interesting to think about and talk about. As David says - right now we're just throwing ideas at the wall! We'll see what sticks!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

There's always still money to be made in the wedding arena!! You would be fantastic doing something like that!

Holly said...

Yeah, Mom that's a possibility too. Something I would sure love... BUT once the kids are in school, my time with them will be mostly on the weekends - which is when you have to work wedding stuff! :-) So that kinda makes that not the best choice. But it's been thrown up on the wall!

Jessi said...

Yeah, we're throwing some ideas here as well. Luke starting kindergarten frees me somewhat, tho still leaves me with a 'chopped' and limited free time.

Weddings are fun work...but also seriously high pressure...people want everything PERFECT for their day, and, at least in the flower business, there's always some unpredictable factor to keep things interesting! (And most people don't want to actually pay for what they want... :/ )