Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well we've been home since Friday afternoon, and can I tell ya - we had a great time at the lake!

It was a different kinda trip than it's been in the past. First, David was able to stay ALL WEEK LONG!!! In the past (and on most week long vacations) he comes home and works 2 or so days. Which in the past has worked fine, since Badin Lake is only about an hour or so from our house. But this year, he was able to work extra in advance and didn't have anything major break, so he stayed the whole week! It was great having him there!

Second, this year we got a good taste of what it's really like to own a place at the lake! Let me explain...

Upon arrival on Friday evening at about 6:30pm, we unloaded all our stuff (which is a ton, since I take all the food for the week) and got our butts down to the boat for a ride! The boat wouldn't crank. Sounded like a battery. So David quickly took it out and drove back into Denton (which is the closest thing resembling a town near the house) where they have put in an Advanced Auto. As we suspected - dead battery, so David got a new one, put it in and we went for a ride! Joy and bliss it was!

Saturday morning the kids were up by like 6:30AM and believe it or not, we were out on the boat at like 7:30AM. Again - joy and bliss. We played around most of the morning and came in at lunch time for grub and rest. At about 3 or so it started storming... this lasted until about 7:30 or 8 PM. After the rain, we took our friends the Bartlett's out for a boat ride. They arrived just as the rain started so this was their only chance to be on the lake. Boat worked great!

Our early morning Saturday boat ride

Sunday morning... we go out for our morning boat ride... and the boat won't start again. Except this time it doesn't sound like a dead battery, it sounds more like a starter. But since it's Sunday - nothing to be done about that. No big deal. We get out the Sea Doo and have a great day on the lake anyway!

Monday - we wait for someone to come and look at the boat. But the place - as it turns out isn't open on Mondays! But that's OK, because that morning as the boat was being lowered a bit - the cable that holds the boat - snapped the back of the boat dropped into the lake. So to fix that David drove into High Point, got more cable and spent the afternoon fixing the boat lift. Fun, but not really joy and bliss. My goodness!!! Did we enjoy the lake on Monday anyway?? You bet we did!!

After the lift broke we tied the boat up next to the dock.

So Tuesday dawns with the hope of the mechanic getting there to fix the boat first thing in the morning. Well, by noon - nothing. Finally at about 4 on Tuesday afternoon the wonderful boat repair man came - said yup, it's the started. He happened to have one at his shop and we were good as gold to ride the boat again! Joy and bliss!

The rest of the week went great! Oh - except for when Avery pulled the plastic handle off the jet ski lift and dropped it into the lake while David was adjusting the boat lift and I was giving Luke a jet ski ride. All we heard was Avery saying "uh-oh!"

It was still fun, and I loved it and I love the lake and being together with friends and family! Here are just a few pictures!

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