Friday, July 30, 2010

Avery's S

Today I have so much on my mind, I cannot seem to even get it down. I've been sitting here thinking about which post to post, and it's all a big jumble!

I guess I'll go with the easiest, happiest - and that's about my baby girl - Avery!

She's just such a mess and she's growing like a weed and it's getting harder to keep up with her! She was hard to keep up with before, but this is different. She learns something new - like smart stuff new - each day! (I know I'm her mom and I'm supposed to think that, but seriously, she's too smart!)

Her first new thing..

Saying the sound "s". When she first started making things plural she would say "is" at the end of the word. For example... shoes would be shoe-is, or cups would be cup-is, or balls = ball-is. So one day she said something and I corrected her and said the word right - one time, just once... and since then she says all the words correctly! And she over does the "s" sound. It's really cute. She's very aware of it - doesn't get it wrong - ever and even when she says words like "yes" the "s" is VERY pronounced! It's too cute!

Another new thing... (this ones actually been going on a couple of months)

"I not wear dat!"


She's telling me she doesn't want to wear some of the cloths she has.

"I not yike (like) it."

OH MY GOODNESS - she's only 2 1/2 and already she's refusing to wear certain things.

I'm afraid we have a long road ahead of us! I'm worried that this will be the last year I can go consignment shopping without her for fear she won't wear the things I pick out!


If Luke can do it, I can too (even if she cannot!)!

But mostly she keeps up pretty well with him - in most areas! She's no slacker!


She leans back in her chair at the table. Yeah, she gets that from her Daddy (who reportedly did the same thing as a kid)! And yes, she has turned the chair over.

Twice to be exact.

Does she keep doing it?


When you ask her - "Is that dangerious? Could you fall over?"


But does she keep on...


She's one who's gonna have to learn things the hard way, and I'm afraid she won't learn the first time!

She's also going through a loving phase. She in general doesn't want to be held or rocked or anything like that anymore! Sad for Mommy! But lately - mostly in the morning when I go to get her, she's all about hugging me and letting me get some snuggles in! She's also started saying things like "I missed you when you were gone." and I think that's really sweet!

I just love that little girl and cannot believe how fast she's growing!

Some days I just wish she and Luke would both stay the age's they are right now! I love it (most of the time!) and am trying to enjoy each day with these fast growing kids!

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Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

She is such a precious little girl!! These days/times pass SO quickly! Luke is such a good big brother to always aware of her saftey and her "presence"...when I talk to him on the phone, he always makes sure I get to talk to my Avey-girl, too!

"You look faaaabbbuuulous, dahling!"