Friday, July 9, 2010

Some fun times

I'm really, really behind with my blogging. Sorry. I'll try to get caught up.

We've been having some good times around here. but just like every other family who is out of school for the summer, we've had some "long" days around here too. Overall, it's been fun!

Here's a few things we've been doing:

I got out the play-dough - not the best idea from a clean up stand point, but the kids had fun.

And here is Avery trying to help clean up. You see that water she's standing in? And the hand towel she's holding? Yup, she thought she would help by soaking the hand towel in the water and then bringing it to the kitchen to "help" clean up. OH BOY! Needless to say, the bathroom isn't right next to the kitchen and you wouldn't have had any trouble finding your way to the bathroom with the trail of water she left!

We also tried this craft that I found on a link from my cousin's blog. They are called wacky balls, or something. This wasn't a very successful craft. The kids did it, but it wasn't a big hit, and at the end your supposed to add eyes and "hair" to the stuffed balloons. Neither of the kids were interested in doing that. They were just done!

The things we started with

Then you roll out the play-doh

and stuff it in a balloon, roll the air out of the balloon and instant squishy ball thing.

Do it again...

until you have a few done.

Smile for a picture and move on to something else!

But this is by far our favorite thing to do in the summer...

Off to the pool!

I do so love summer time!!!

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