Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm having one of those deep- inside- warm- homey feeling moments.

Does that make sense to ya?

I'm talking about the kind of thing that just happened to me on Facebook (don't ya just love FB?)! I made a comment on a friends (she's an actual friend - not one of those people you just happen to know... but a real friend. She was my best friend in high school!) picture of her son who happens to be taking a trip to somewhere in Europe with his Boy Scout Troop.

I mentioned that I knew another guy and his son who were going as well. This other guy I know through a whole different friend, but we go to church with the second family and have been at a couple of picnics together. They are a really great family!

So my high school friend posts back that it just so happens that the boys are in the same Scout troop! And what a small world it is!

I gotta say - I love that! I love that the longer I live here in this wonderful little town of Colfax NC, the more I feel I have roots here.

You see I've now lived in NC longer than I did in PA, that actually happend a couple of years ago. But this is the kind of thing that makes this feel like home. I have lots of family still in PA, and I miss them a ton! And can I tell you that moving away from them at 15 years old seemed like the end of my world!! But God is good, and He had a plan for my life - like His Word says He does - and I couldn't be happier living where I'm living with my amazing husband and our children!

And I have friends.

Good friends!

And I have family here too. Although it's hard with my parents and sis and bro-in-law living far away!

Good family!

And the longer I live here, the more wonderful people I meet and I know that not only do I have roots here now, but that my children will too (Good Lord willing and He doesn't ask us to move!) and that's really cool.

So I just wanted to share that little bit of inside warmth with you! I hope that you feel like wherever your living is home to you as well!

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