Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No TV Land

You know how God has this really great sense of humor, right?!? So I post this nice post about being with and enjoying my kids, and then our TV gets fried due to some lighting strike or something like that, and now we've been without our TV for almost a week!

I've never thought we watched that much TV, but let me tell ya - I guess we watched more than I thought cause the first few days without it was pretty hard! The kids keep asking - "Can we watch TV?" "PLEASE!" Like we were just saying no to their request. It took a few days - but even Avery is finally starting to get that the TV just doesn't work!

So we've gotten to spend a bit more quality time together as a result! AND I've started reading a book. It's been maybe a year since I read a book. I love to read, but in the evenings instead of reading, David and I would sit and watch TV. But since there isn't any TV... I've been reading! I forgot how much I like to read!

In the "wake" of no TV David and I have reevaluated the amount of time we allow the kids to watch it. Since I'm home with them each and every day... I try to limit it as a general rule, but honestly it's nice to have it every now and then so that I can get a few things done with minimal interruptions! Like cooking dinner! It's hard to make dinner when there is fussing and fighting going on and I have to keep stopping the dinner making to play referee... but the last couple of days the kids have done pretty well making it through the dinner making hour without too much trouble!

I've also noticed a new quietness at night... after going to bed, it just seems so very quiet! David said it's because all that crap from the TV isn't in my head. Maybe he's right, I don't know, but I do know that it's nice and quiet in the evenings, and I do really like that!

We should be getting a call sometime in the next day or so from the repair place, so it'll be interesting to see if we go back to our "old ways" after the TV is fixed or if we decide to leave it off more often!

Yesterday before going to the pool, I had a few things to get done and so the kids were actually playing - NICELY - together and here are a few pictures of what they did! I love it when they play together and enjoy each other! It's so fun!

They call this "the Princess House" (everything in Avery's world right now has something to do with being a Princess!)

I don't know why Avery has her helmet on, but that's OK, cause they were playing and having fun!
Who knew all the cushions from the sofa could be so much fun?

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