Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm noticing something about my life. It's deep now, so you all read carefully so you don't get lost, OK?!?!

I'm noticing that most of my daily life revolves around - food! In some form or another lots of my time is spend dealing with food.

Take a look at my daily "food" interactions: from the minute one of my kids is awake in the morning someone is asking me for something to eat. First we have brakfast, then cleaning up from breakfast.

Next there's packing lunches (on Wednesdays) or snacks for eating at the gym or in the car while we run errands. After the food is made and packed up, the unused stuff has to be put away.

Then you have the planning of weekly meals. A list of nightly meals must be made so I know what I'm going to cook. And of course there's the grocery list to be made and then the actual shopping for the groceries! Once they are purchased, they then need to be taken into the house and put away!

As soon as we get back into the house, someone's asking for something to eat.
Didn't we just eat?

So I Make lunch, clean up from lunch. And an hour later someone's asking for more more food... make snack, clean up from snack.

And just so you don't get the wrong idea here - I usually stack the dishes next to the sink (because of course the dishwasher is either full of clean dishes waiting to be put away, or it's full and waiting to be run!) So the newly dirtied dishes must wait! Oh how glad I am to have a dishwasher!!!! I would be miserable if I had to hand wash all the dishes we made in a day!

Then before you know it, it's time to start thinking about making dinner. And, well, you know how it goes from here... make it, eat it, clean it up!

Before bed time snack is the last thing the little people eat. OK, honestly I usually have a small snack sometime in the evening as well.

You see? That has to be what, like 80% of my day is spent thinking about, making, or cleaning up something related to food? Is that what my life is about? Is this what it's come too??

Apparently so!


Here's what I find so funny... I've spent the last 6 months trying to lose weight and get in better shape - (yeah, it's funny, it's ok to laugh) from EATING TOO MUCH FOOD!!!!!!!

Golly! Where did things get so outta wack?!?!?!

I mean how could I possibly need to spend MORE time on food related things? Such as going to the gym and trying to be healthier?

The answer to that is pretty simple really, before I was just going through the day... eating whatever, whenever I wanted. It didn't matter if it was good for me, or just tasted good. It didn't matter if I was even hungry or not. I just ate, and I ate too much. That's how I got to be 30 pounds overweight.

As it turns out... it might not be such a bad thing to think a bit more about food. I do spend time figuring calories and thinking about which foods I should eat and which ones I shouldn't. I'm coming to find that the time spent doing those things are paying off in weight lose and better physical fitness!

I guess if I am gonna spend so much time thinking about and doing things with food I might as well make that time count for something good!

So what are you making for dinner tonight?

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