Saturday, March 27, 2010

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I'm guessing - and warning you - that this won't be the last post of this type to come in the next few months! Just so you know.

Since Luke's name got drawn at the lottery for Greensboro Academy (which for those of you who don't know, is where I used to teach!) I've been super excited! Also - if you're interested - you can click here and check out the schools web site and gather all the neat information.

Along with this excitement has been some changes in my thinking - which I expected, but what I didn't expect were the feelings of relief.

In my mind, before the lottery, we prayed - A LOT - for the Lord's will to be done. And in that prayer we prayed that whatever would be best for not just Luke, but for Avery as well (because GA has sibling preference, Avery will have a spot when she's old enough to start K!)! Our other choice was our district-ed public school - which is a really good school and we have friends who's children go there and they just LOVE it! So in my mind, I was prepared for either outcome.

But the morning of the lottery I was so nervous, I didn't hardly know what to do. THEN - he got in!!!! WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!

Since then I've been filled with LOTS of thoughts and emotions!!! Joy, relief, excitement, nervousness, worry, anticipation, and much appreciation for the Lord's goodness on us!

David and I have a comfort level with the school - since I taught there for 6 years, and with the teachers! No one's child is perfect and there are aspects of Luke's little personality that make me a bit worried about starting him in kindergarten next year, but I know that the teachers and the administration (not the mention the office staff and other support staff) are WONDERFUL and will be a great fit for our little man!!

I'm so excited! At the same time it seems like a lot of change all at once. Since Luke will be going to school over in Greensboro - and right now the kids are in preschool in Kernersville - we have to find somewhere new for Avery to attend preschool next year! I love change on one hand, and really don't like it at all on the other!!! Thankfully we have family who have a preschool they love just up the road from GA, and I'll be checking that out after spring break next week! I pray it's a good fit for her as well!

Also, now I've kicked into "what will we need for school mode" - silly isn't it?!? School doesn't start for 5 months! But I'm already thinking about what he'll need for uniforms, book bag, school supplies, needed paperwork, and how I can volunteer up at the school!

OK - take a deep breath and just enjoy!

I know, and I am!

But I got a tip from a friend - Target has great prices on their uniform shorts and pants and they carry the adjustable waist pants!!!!

Maybe a trip to Target today!?!?!?

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