Thursday, March 25, 2010

A bit of a rollercoaster

Sunday night when I went to bed – my world seemed all right and “normal.” Little did I know that the next 2 days would be a series of ups and downs in the “life happens” department!!

If you read the post previous to this one, and you linked to my wonderful hubby’s blog – you know that we were looking into getting a new Jet Ski – a Sea Doo to be exact. David had one all picked out and was super excited about the whole thing. We even had the kids excited!

So going to bed Sunday night we had weight loss and Sea Doo’s on the brain. In the back of both of our minds we knew we had to wait to hear the verdict from the garage about my car. It had been at the shop since Friday and come end of business day Friday they couldn’t find where the coolant – that was NOT in the coolant tank as it should be – was going. It wasn’t leaking out onto the ground since we hadn’t seen any spots of coolant, but it was defiantly NOT in the tank. David put a whole jug in – and a week later while I was out, I had to stop and pick up another jug. So they keep the car over the weekend, and honestly I wasn’t that concerned about it. I figured they’d find some small hole and we’d purchase a new hose and on I would go driving my beloved tan 2000 Suburban!

Monday morning dawned – and God had a different plan for the Winslow family. After hearing from the garage that it would be $3,500 to fix the Suburban (some head on the engine was cracked and the coolant was leaking INTO the engine – or some such thing as that!) and it turns out that a 2000 Chevy Suburban with almost 200,000 miles on it is only worth about $4000!

So not worth fixing.

BUMMER and NOW WHAT??!!?!?!

And in that very same minute the idea of a new Sea Doo this year was also last. That was even sadder than the “death” of the “Burb”!

David ended up with a problem on Monday late afternoon and didn’t get home until nearly 8:45PM and then had a few minutes of work to do. After that we started talking in errnast about what to do about the car.

Should we just put the money into it and fix it and hope nothing else happens?

Should we look for something brand new? (Hu, you remember I drive the car with 2 small children, right?!?! New = bad idea!)

Should we look for a new used car? Did we want a car? Another Suburban? Something different? How would we pay for it? Did we want to get a loan (which is a Dave Ramsey no, no)? The questions were endless and the time was getting late… so off to bed.

Tuesday morning dawned… my nerves in high gear, for today was the lottery at Greensboro Academy AND we hadn’t made any decisions about a car. David, in his wisdom got a rental car for me to drive so we wouldn’t have to rush a decision.

Then we received the first answer to our prayers of the day! When David called the mechanic to say we wouldn’t be fixing it… he asked David about selling it. To make this part short – we sold the Suburban to the owner of the shop. THANK YOU LORD!!

After returning home and settling the kids in… I called GA to find out what time the lottery started. It was 9:45 when I called and I was told it started at 9:30AM. I instantly got very nervous. In order to keep my mind busy while waiting for an email from my dear former teacher friend (she was going to keep an eye on the proceedings the best she could during the morning and let me know if Luke got in or not!), I checked Facebook. Here is discovered another friend who was actually at the school for the lottery. I didn’t even know she was trying to get in, but there she was and she was accessing FB from her mobile phone.

All of a sudden I had eyes and ears right there in the gym and she was set to listen for Luke’s name and report back to me. It was almost like being there in real time! We exchanged several posts as she kept me in the loop. I didn’t leave the computer. I sat looking at FB and checking my email!! I was so nervous! Then she posted this comment (I’ll remember it as long as I live, I think!) “Luke’s in.”




That’s what I asked her, “Really?”

Yes, really. He was (are you ready) the – last – name – called!!!!!


I danced around in the kitchen screaming and shouting with joy and crying – all like I was some crazy women!! It was SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!

There was more car stuff on Tuesday, but I’ll post about that another time.

But the rest of Tuesday I was floating on a cloud! Then to top it all off… we got to have dinner (sushi even!) with our good friend Terrri!! It was a really great way to finish off the evening!

So it was 2 very long and somewhat emotional days! And Tuesday was a total answer to prayer!!
I’ll update you all on the car saga another time.

Maybe when I’m not feeling so talkative!



Grover said...

I told David this as well but if you guys see a car down here and need me to take a look at it let me know and I will do my best to get to where it is to see if it is worth you guys coming down.

Grover said...

This is Kevin by the way. Didn't know if you would recognize the Grover Woodworks(Grover) name. :)

Holly said...

Kevin - thanks so much for the offer that is really nice!!! We'll let you know for sure if we find one your way!!