Thursday, February 4, 2010


Dating – at my age that’s a scary topic! I haven’t done it in nearly 10 years – and for that I’m SO THANKFUL! And on the kid side, I have several years before I have to start worrying about them dating!

But I’m talking about the kind of dating that married people do. Married couples date? Yes, and if they don’t they should. Especially if they have kids! Life gets so busy with work, kids, school, home stuff, and just life in general – that taking the time to be together as a couple is so very important!

I love these times with my Man! We do pretty well getting a date or two in a month. Sometimes it’s more – sometimes it’s less, it just depends on scheduling, but we do get out alone together (sometimes we go with friends – which is great too!) and I cherish those times.

This is on my mind a lot today because we’re supposed to go out this weekend – which is sorta “up in the air” due to the forecast of ice for our area – so I’m really praying that if the Lord would see fit to give us some time alone together, without our precious little ones, that the weather wouldn’t be too bad and we could still go.

Why is this time so special you ask? There are several reasons:

1) It’s nice to have a conversation with someone who is older than 5!

2) It’s nice to have a WHOLE conversation without some sort of interruption that involves yelling, crying, whining, screaming or just an endless string of questions!

3) I love to talk with David about our future together.

(This next one is really important)

4) One day it’ll just be he and I again (I’m assuming that one day our kids will be grown and on their own?!?!)… It’s important that we maintain our relationship.

5) I enjoy being with David (that’s one of the many reasons I married him!).

6) Our kids don’t eat sushi!

7) It’s nice to talk about things that are different from just the “normal, everyday stuff.” Like what we would do if we ever won a million dollars!

8) Its fun to “get dressed” to go out.

9) It’s really great to not have to cook and clean up after!!

10) He makes me feel special, and I love him for that!

There ya go – just a few reasons (did I mention that I don’t ever have to tell David to sit down and eat, or wipe up a mess he made, or clean up a drink he spilled?!?!) why I hope the weather isn’t bad on Saturday night so our babysitter can come and we can go out. I’m looking forward to it!

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David Winslow said...

Great blog post sweetie. I look forward to our dates as well! I love you. David