Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Caution - it's a bit whiny

I am a person who likes some structure in life. I like to act like I’m all spontaneous and fun and that kinda thing (which I do like to think I am fun), but really I’m most happy when I have a nice schedule to follow each day. We’ve been outta the schedule this week due to the massive amounts of snow we got (ok, massive might be being a bit sarcastic, but you would think we got about 3 feet!).

I miss preschool – which granted is only 3 days a week for Luke and 2 for Avery and only 3 hours each day, but you cannot imagine what a difference that makes for me as a mommy. Just having a few hours to myself allows me to be a better mom. Also, I usually go to the gym every day, also something I haven’t been able to do since the gym is on the same schedule with the county schools, which have been CLOSED!! I may need to find a gym that doesn’t close with the county schools, hu?!?! So it’s been a bit frustrating to be out of my routine for this long! Maybe it’s a control issue, ya think???

It was fun at first – you know all of us here at the house together getting in quality family time. Playing games, watching Cars and eating popcorn, playing in the snow, cleaning the house (bathrooms, moping and dusting!), doing ALL the laundry, watching TV, but now – I’m ready for some of our normal schedule back! Back to preschool, back to the gym (it’s hard to maintain good habits when you cannot continue those habits!), back to the kids getting some energy out some other way besides chasing each other around the house and that ending in huge fits of tears cause – guess what - someone got hurt!!!!

Overall it hasn’t been bad, I’ve enjoyed being with the kids (most of the time), and I’ve gotten the house really clean!! It’s just that when you are told you CANNOT do something, it just makes you wanna do it more. For example:

No, you cannot have cake – it’ll make you fat! What do you want – cake, cake, cake - it’s all you can think about!!! How you crave cake, even if you don’t normally eat cake – there is nothing more in the world you want than a nice big piece of yummy chocolate cake with chocolate icing!!!

It’s the same with the roads here in the wonderful South!

Nope, you cannot drive cause the roads are bad (yes, I know it’s been 5 days, but you’re in Colfax NC and they don’t know how to clear snow here), it’s not safe and you have to stay inside. What do you want to do – GO OUT!! Not because I need anything, just because I cannot I really want to! It’s a weird psychological thing.

Here’s the really great part (ok more sarcasm there) - at least for me, since winter isn’t my favorite season - we’re supposed to get more snow this weekend!!! Oh Joy!

NO – NO MORE SNOW!!!!!!!!

Luckily the roads should clear up the rest of the way today (it is after all supposed to be in the 50’s today), so we’ll have today, tomorrow and some of the day Friday before we get more snow and are stuck inside for another 5 days!!

The really upsetting part is David and I are supposed to go out on a date (for yummy sushi) with David’s cousin and his wife on Saturday night. Oh how I want to go!!!! I don’t want the snow to spoil our night out! But since I have no control over that, I’ll just be hopeful and know that no matter what it’ll all be OK (we can reschedule the date night, right?!?!?) cause Spring cannot be that far off, can it???

** Just to be clear - the pictures are not from NC! They are from our trip to Alaska several years ago! They are of a glacier - really beautiful for sure, but really glad to not live in Alaska!


Grover said...

It is funny how the mind works. I hope you guys are able to make your date night.

Holly said...

Yes, Kevin - the mind is a weird thing for sure!!!! Especially mine! Thanks for the post!!