Monday, February 1, 2010

From there to here

Back in November I joined a gym. First time in years I've worked out with any kind of regularity. I wasn't too happy about going and working out, but it had to be done (and I do actually like going now!). The goal - to get off this extra weight I'd been putting on since college and kids - and I had until September of 2010 to do it. Why September you ask? My 10 year anniversary is in September and we're going on a cruise! I wanted to be skinny for our trip. You know get new great cloths and look a lot younger than my 30 something years!

So to reach that goal David and I both started counting calories. It sounds kinda hard and like it might be a pain in the butt - and sometimes it is, but ya know what?!?! As of today - Februray 2nd - I've lost 19 pounds (I seem to be stuck here at 19 – I would really like to hit that 20 mark SOON!)!! But, I'm pretty proud of myself! I've got about 10 - 15 more to go I think. My original goal was to lose 25 pounds and since I'm almost there and pretty happy with myself I think I'll go for 10 to 15 more, see where that gets me! I’ll just see as I go and when I’m happy where I am, I’ll stop!

I'm also looking forward to a big shopping trip in about a month or two!!!

Here are a few pictures just to show you where I’ve been and almost where I am now!

December 2007 (avery was about 2 1/2 weeks old)

January 2008

May 2008

May 2009

And this year at Christmas 2009

Down about 14 lbs. here, so I've only lost 5 more since this picture.

So if you are thinking about getting off those extra pounds, or starting at a gym, but think you cannot - wrong - you can, cause if I can, anyone can!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! I am just so incredibly proud of you!!!! Keep up the good work. How much has David lost?

JB said...

Good for you Holly! I started a diet/weight loss program the day after Thanksgiving and have lost 20 lbs as of today! It's hard work, but totally worth it. Keep up the good work, you look great!

Holly said...

Thanks Mom! David's down about 26 pounds! He's doing great too!

JB - congrats to you as well! That's fantastic!! It is hard and totally worth it - I agree!!! Stay in touch and we'll keep updating on our progress!