Sunday, January 3, 2010

And the start of a new one!

How do you start the New Year?

With thoughts of changing your lifestyle? Eat better, lose weight, exercise more, make more money, be a better wife, mother, sister, friend? Go to church more; meet the right “other half” of you?

Let me tell you how the Winslow’s have been spending the first few days of 2010… by cleaning up and moving out! Yup, that’s right - GET IT OUTTA this house! That’s been our motto here the last couple of days!

So in order to do this David and I have been tackling our “areas” of the house. For me that means the kids toys – both in their bedrooms and in the living room area. This is not my most favorite job, but it’s even less fun when the kids are around! It’s hard to get rid of toys when they see you putting them in a bag – even explaining that we’ll be giving them to kids who don’t have toys doesn’t always get it at this age! Then to add insult to injury, Avery says yesterday (after finding Elmo in the giveaway bag) “MY Elmo. I love him! Take him wit me.” OK – fine, take him with you! But I’ve managed to make some room so that’s good!

The other thing we came across was a whole box full of old CD’s. There were also some DVDs and even a few VHS tapes in the box. We don’t even have a VCR anymore!!!! Those things are almost like dinosaurs!!! Anyway, in order to make room and do something to get rid of the CD’s – David started the process of downloading them to his computer so they could be put on his iPod. It’s only taken a few hours a day for the last 2 days, but he’s got all the ones he wants on his computer. Now, for me to do the same!! Goodness, when did the CD become so outta date that we gotta put the music on the computer so it can be again transferred to the iPod?!?!

That lead us to thinking and talking about how much things have changed since we were kids! When I was a kid we still played records (you know the thin round things that play with the turn-table and the long arm with the needle on the end!) at our house and had books on record that my sister and I used to listen to. Now, Luke is totally familiar with an iPod and that it can not only play music but if you have the right iPod you can play games on it as well! Holy cow!!! What will the technology be like when our kids are our age!?!???

All this has lead to a cleaner, bigger feeling house and many, many bags to be taken to Goodwill!

So however you have started you’re New Year, I hope it’s been wonderful – and hope it continues to be!

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Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Good for y'all!!! I am actually on the same page. The other day, I cleaned out the great big cabinet in the kitchen hallway & threw some stuff away. I wonder why in the world I kept that stuff to begin with! It's amazing how quickly it all piles up. I mean, back in 1990 when we moved from PA to NC, a TON of stuff was gotten rid of. Then, in 2001 when we relocated from NC to VA, another ton of stuff was removed. Having lived in VA for only 2 1/2 years in a much smaller house, we really didn't acquire too much stuff. However, moving to GA into a much larger house has resulted in more amassed stuff than I can even think about!

When we put our Christmas stuff away over the last couple days, Dad made an announcement--next year when I put out my decorations, anything that's still left upstairs in the bonus room will be gotten rid of!!! I can't argue with that! I am hoping to hit my closet before too long to get rid of clothing I don't wear anymore. It's ridiculus to have such huge closets and yet be unable to get into them! sounds like 2010 is the year to clean out!LOL