Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of another year

Hard to believe another year is coming to a close! It sure has gone fast – just like everyone used to say when I was a kid – the older you get, the faster time goes! That sure seems true for me this year!

As I’ve thought over this past year – I’ve realized I’ve done a lot of things that I never thought I’d do. Some of them I would have laughed at if you had told me I’d do or be doing them!

Let’s take a look at some of those things:

• Eat yogurt on an almost daily basis.

• Cook 28 out of 30 dinners at home in a month!

• Get up on a regular basis at 6 AM to do devotions (I’ve fallen out of this habit, but I’m gonna get back in!)

• Lose nearly 14 pounds in 2 months (got about that same amount or just a bit more to go!)

• See my sister engaged to be married and happier than I’ve seen her in a long, long time!

• Eat banana’s.

• Spend almost the whole month of October at the beach.

• One of those weeks spent at the beach with our good friends who live in New Orleans.

• See David eat and like sushi! (This one is more like a dream come true!)

• Go to the gym 5 mornings a week.

• Not go to any cookie swaps this Christmas season.

• On a weekly basis take these classes at the gym: Pilates, yoga, kettle bells and kick boxing!

• Make homemade jelly and enjoy making it!

• Change churches.

• Be so proud of David for losing 20 pounds in 2 months!

• That we’d have snow – almost 5 inches BEFORE Christmas!

• That I’d be taking a Mexican Rivera cruise for my 10th Anniversary!!!!

So there you have it! Lots of new and exciting things this past year!! I sure am blessed and I'm looking forward to all the amazing things God has for me in 2010!

The Lord bless you and keep you,
The Lord lift His countenance upon you,
And give you peace,
The Lord make His face to shine upon you,
And be gracious unto you,
The Lord be gracious.


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Definitely some good things going on!!! I'm thankful that you are able to look around you & see God working in your life!

Love you!

Dawn Riffell said...

Can I just say as your friend that you are one of the coolest women that I know. I admire that you are good at everything you do. You are such a great mom, wife and everything else. I think you judge yourself way to harshly but girlfriend, you really do have it all together. I am proud to know you. I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and I wish you many blessings in the coming year.

Holly said...

Mom - I'm thankful too! There's a lot of hurt out there in the world, and all in all - I think I have it great!!! I have you after all!

Dawn - Thank you so much! Those were wonderful words to see on the morning of a new year! You are really very sweet! Thank you! I too wish you and your guys a blessed and happy new year! It's my honor knowing you as well!

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Awww, that was so sweet it made me cry! (Of course, that's not a difficult thing for me right now.) I am so blessed--waaaay beyond measure--to have such a beautiful daughter...not only outward beauty, but inward beauty as well. Your light does shine for all to see that your Savior lives in you! I pray for my life to continue for many more years to watch my grandbabies grow up to be a Godly man and Godly woman.

God definitely gave me a girl after my own heart when he gave me you. You are precious.

When you have the days that overwhelm you, try to take a step back & ask yourself "in the scheme of the world, does it really matter if I don't get the dog hair vacuumned up today?"....or whatever else it is that's bothering you.

I wish every mom could have a daughter like you! We had many a good laugh, chat, and sharing times when you still lived at home before you married David. I pray you'll have the opportunity to share such joy with Avery!

I love you, and I love the woman you have grown into!!! Keep in mind that nothing can be accomplished by yourself...lean on HIM!


Nan said...

Love the list! So super proud of you and David! Frank and I honeymooned in the Mayan Riviera and it was fantastic! We are going back in a year and half, hopefully, and can't wait!

Holly said...

Thanks Nan! Oh boy, are we looking forward to our cruise!!! We should talk about the trip sometime! Hope you all had a great Christmas and are off to a wonderful new Year!