Thursday, December 10, 2009

We’ve converted!

Well, we haven’t actually converted – we just converted Avery’s crib! Which was sort of a mess, but in the end I hope it will all be for the good.

We decided to convert Avery’s crib into a bed because she started getting out of it –and then couldn’t get back in. This made bedtime a bit of a challenge, which it had never been before. So we thought giving her a big girl bed would help with the situation!

You see, I didn’t think about the actual size of the bed before we converted it, I just assumed that it converted to a twin. Turns out I was wrong! This was discovered after David went to 3 stores before finding a twin mattress and the store he got it from is a good 30 minutes from here. Then after he got it home and started looking at the bed, he said it wouldn’t fit and he was going to have to take it back.



He quickly realized he had thrown the receipt away! Oooppss!!

So he called the store, told them the deal, and asked if he could bring it back. Thankfully they said yes.

So after taking the rails and one end of Avery’s crib apart to turn it into a toddler bed (using the same mattress that she’s been using) we had - ta da –a big girl bed.

We were hoping that this transition would make bedtime (which used to be so simple, but wasn’t anymore) a more pleasant experience – just as it had been for many, many months. I just hope she gets used to it soon and stops sleeping on the floor.
You see – the moment I leave the room she starts crying and gets up out of her bed. It used to be she would just go right to sleep, but not now. She gets out of bed and stands at her door, or should I say lies down at the door crying “Mommy, Daddy, Mommy, Daddy!” Which we’ve just been letting her do because that seems to work better than continuing to go in there, cause that doesn’t help, it just makes it worse. So she cries herself to sleep – on the floor – and before I go to bed myself I go in her room, pick her up and put her back in bed. Some nights she sleeps all night in the bed other nights she gets up again and gets back to the floor next to the door.

Really either way is fine with me as long as she sleeps! It doesn’t matter to me if she sleeps on the floor or on her bed. But now, with the bed converted, if she wants to get back in bed – she can! She’s young and sleeping on the floor won’t hurt her one bit. And sleeping all night long whether on the floor or in her bed is more important to me than where she sleeps!

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Holly - thanks for your sweet comments from time to time on the blog. I've been so slack lately about posting and even more slack about responding to new friends in the comments. Please forgive. Its always a delight to meet someone new. Have a wonderful Christmas.