Monday, December 7, 2009

Back on the wagon

After being sick for the last 8 - 9 days starting on Thanksgiving - today I go back to the gym!

I'm actually kinda excited about it, I've really kinda missed it (but don't tell anyone!). So starting today I'm back to my usual Monday morning craziness of getting the kids ready for school, dropping them off, doing a fast grocery run through Wal-Mart then off to Pilates class! It's the Pilates that I think was helping me a bunch and I'm glad to be going back!

I guess the reason I miss it is because I'm starting to see results! Yes, cloths that previously were getting too small to even wear are not almost too big!!!! That's the best feeling! I put on a pair of pants for church yesterday and they were loose, they've never been loose, and even when I bought them they fit kinda snug - but NO MORE!!! And that's rewarding!

That and the fact that the girl I see on a semi-regular basis at Costco (you know it's bad when you know the people working at Costco!!!) says - "If you don't mind my saying so, you've lost weight!" She's now my new best friend!

So as hard as this whole "eating healthy and working out" thing was at the beginning - David likes to say he thinks "we're hittin' our stride with it all!" and I think he's right!

I'm also super proud of David! He's doing great also and his cloths are quickly becoming too big as well! It sure makes it easier for both of us when we have each other to keep us accountable and for encouragement!

Well, I'm off to start the madness of the morning! Then to Pilates!


Nan said...

So proud of you and David. It is hard to get to that stride, but once you do, it isn't so bad. Take a picture of yourself so you have something to remember...I have a picture from last December right next to one of me from this summer in my bikini...good motivator! Remember why you are doing this and good you feel! Pilates is awesome. When I started trying to lose weight this time last year. I started to do yoga and almost immediately noticed a change in how my clothes fit! I cleaned out my closet the other day of things that are too big...another great motivator! I am down 9 pounds, 2 lower than my lowest this summer. Another 4 to 9 and I'll be done and work on maintaining, the hard part. If we can do this over the holidays, we can do it! Cheering you and David on! Love to all!

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

I am so proud of you both!!! You're going to be a knock-out at the'll be standing just as slim as the bride!! And can't you just see the wedding pics with you & David both being so much thinner?!!!???!

Jessi said...

Good for you! I so wish that I could really get into's always a stop and go battle for me....mostly stop! I did pretty good with doing DDR for a while, but that definitely seems to have waned...

Holly said...

Nan - I've got a few pictures that I'm not real proud of, so once I get down a bit, I'll take another!

Yes, MOm the wedding is a nice motivator, but I didn't work this hard for my own wedding! LOL The big deal is the anniversary trip! That's what I think about when I'm doing a plank and wanna quit!!!

Jess, it's really hard to get into a solid routine, but it's been actually fun, which I didn't think it would be, and I really am enjoying the classes and the time it gives me to myself!