Monday, November 30, 2009

BIG Thank you

Being the mom and being sick don’t go too well together! It’s a pain for everyone. Mom doesn’t feel well and that makes it hard to get a snack, watch a movie, play a game or get a book read or even get Mom to be as patient as she should be.

Today this is a “thank you” post to the most wonderful man in the world! Yup – my hubby! He’s been really, really wonderful the last few days while I’ve not been feeling well. He was wonderful before that, but he’s been extra great the last few days!

Not only has he unloaded/reloaded, put away the clean dishes and run the dishwasher countless times, he let Jane out and made sure she got fed, he made coffee, he also took the kids out for over and hour yesterday afternoon so I could take a nap!!! Oh how wonderful that was! THEN on TOP of all that – he offered to give the kids a bath (which is not his favorite parenting duty), and he helped get the kids to bed (which is a new challenge with Avery getting out of her bed all the time!)! Oh and did I mention that he vacuumed the entire house?!?!?!

Yup, I know – you’re jealous… I would be too if it wasn’t my husband doing all these wonderful things! All I can say is thank you David for being so wonderful! I love you so much! And thank you Lord for giving me such a great man!!!

Today I have some of my voice back – not all of it, but some. That’s an improvement from yesterday! I still have the cough and sore throat, but I’m hoping yesterday was the worst of it and from today forward it’ll get better! I hate being sick, and I’m praying the Lord protects the kids from getting it!!!!! Thank you all for your prayers, I appreciate them!

** As a side note – Avery goes today for her 2 year check up! I’ll update her stats after the appointment!

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Nan said...

Go David! Holly, have you tried a little honey to help with your throat?