Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Dentist and a climber

As I mentioned in a previous post, Avery is climbing out of her crib faithfully every time she gets in it! Unless by chance she falls asleep the minute I lay her down – she is getting out of bed and screaming at her door. This has happened for 3 nights in a row. Instead of just going to sleep like she’s always done – the minute I leave the room she’s up outta bed and crying at the door.

We tried the usual “Don’t get out of bed again or you’ll get a spanking.” Which she did and she did! But that didn’t seem to work very well in the long run, so now we’re just letting her get out of bed, cry her head off and fall fast asleep on the floor right at her bedroom door. Then one of us goes in and puts her back in her bed. We need to get her crib converted to a bed, hopefully that will help the situation as well! It’s always something new with kids, isn’t it?!?!

Speaking of new, I think Luke might grow up to be a dentist! He went yesterday for his second visit. I know I’m a bad mom, he’s almost 5 and has only been to the dentist 2 times! But he did great and he loved all the cool equipment they have at the dentist! Dr. Temple was wonderful enough to let him work the chair and his hygienist showed him all the cool tools they have!

Being a dentist could be a really great thing! They have great hours and do pretty well as far as income goes… the down side… people don’t really like the dentist! I guess since he’s not even 5 yet he has some time to decide what he’d like to “be” when he grows up. I’m just thinkin’ ahead!


Amy said...

I think a dentist is just what the Winslow family needs. Maybe Uncle Robert wouldn't hate the dentist so much if he got to see Luke!
Poor Avery...being a big girl is hard work...especially when you can't get the door open :)

Jessi said...

I'm just hoping the 'bad mom' thing doesn't depend on dental Luke has not been at all yet!!