Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Cornelius, NC

Greetings from Cornelius, NC!! Doesn’t sound like a big place, well it’s not! But there’s a lot more here than either David or I expected!

We arrived in town late last evening. We stopped on the way into town and had a wonderful quiet dinner. After locating the place where David would be taking his class we got checked into our hotel. It’s nothing fancy – a Comfort Inn, but it’s very clean, and nice! I even checked out the pool last night – looks great!

We had a good night’s sleep then we started our day off with some Starbucks. We sat outside enjoying the beautiful morning chatting and enjoying the calmness of the morning – not something we’re used to!

Now I’m back at the hotel, have done my devotions and I plan on going down to the pool with my books just as soon as I’m done this post!

I’m so thankful to my in-laws and my wonderful friends – the Lowe’s for keeping the kids for me so I could come and spend a couple of days to myself! Those kinds of days are few and far between for most moms! I’m especially thankful for these couple of days! I miss my little ones, but know they are in good hands, being loved and having fun, so I will do the same!

I hear the sunshine and lounge chair calling me!

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