Monday, March 2, 2009

We actually got what they called for...

For my Northern readers this post won’t seem all that exciting – but for those of you who are from or live in the South – you will totally get it!

We woke up this morning with SNOW – and lots of it (well lots of it for us) there is probably a good 4 – 5 inches on the ground this morning. We’ve had rain and yuck all weekend, but yesterday it started to sleet off and on and then last night somewhere around 7 or 7:30 we stared to get sleet and snow… turning to all snow shortly after. They were the big, white, fluffy types of flakes! Really pretty!

At about 10PM we already had I would say 2 inches or so and it was still snowing to “beat the band.” I was up in the night with Luke and at that time the snow had stopped and the night had that neat “white” pure glow about it!

Then this morning you would have thought it was Christmas Day – both kids were up early and so excited to see the snow. This is the most snow since Avery was born and although we had a really good snow when Luke was about 2 – I doubt he remembers it at all.

So the two of them are standing at the front door, looking out the door windows saying “SNOW!” or in Avery’s case “NO!” They were so cute. I’m posting those pictures now and will post more after we go outside and play in it. Luke keeps asking me what time will we go out to play in it? I told him we will wait until after 8AM! Thought maybe some of the neighbors might want to sleep in!
Our deck last night at 10PM.
The deck this morning at 7AM.
The kids looking at the "NO!"

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