Sunday, March 1, 2009

Releasing Weight

Releasing weight – that’s what the “Thin Within” book calls losing weight! The point is that usually when you lose something you want to find it again – so weight would be something you don’t want to find once it’s gone.

Honestly I got sidetracked with reading the book. The kids got sick and both were up in the night and I wasn’t getting too much sleep. I was struggling to keep up with my Esther Bible study homework and so “Thin Within” took a seat on the shelf. But I’ve been practicing the things I’ve learned so far. And so far the hardest thing for me is knowing when I’m just satisfied and not full. Since I’m waiting until I’m really hunger I think sometimes I eat too much cause I feel like I’m STARVING!!! So that’s where I’m struggling the most.

To date I’ve lost 8 pounds. I’m already seeing a difference in the way some of my cloths fit. I don’t think I look any different, but my cloths do fit differently. So I’m pretty happy with progress so far. Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get back on track with the reading and move forward with releasing the weight!


Nan said...

Good for you!

Jessi said...

Good for you Hol...go for it!