Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun times in '09

I had the opportunity to go out with some girl friends last evening. David was working, so I got a babysitter and 3 of us girls headed out for some fun and relaxin’ without our kiddos! That rarely happens, as I hate to spend money (well not hate it, but…) while David is out earning it! But I felt like I could use some time for myself, and this was a great time to do that!

What a blast we had! We first went for manicures/pedicures – a nice time of being pampered for sure, plus my toes look great now! Then off for some dinner – we decided on Japanese so that we could get sushi and dinner as well! We waited almost an hour, but it was well worth it! OH MY!! The sushi was wonderful and I was so happy to have some and have someone to share it with me! I think I could go on an all sushi diet and love every minute of it! Anyway, the food was so very good, and the company was even better!

I think the Lord helped me use that time to unwind and just spend time with sisters in the Lord, just being silly, relaxing, and enjoying each other. It helped me to remember how blessed I am to have a slew of loving friends, more of them than most people have! I am truly blessed with ALL my friends and family and I hope that last night was just a small glimpse of all the many blessings and memories this new year will bring!

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