Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

New Year’s Day! Hard to believe isn’t it?

I have 2 thoughts when it comes to the first day of this our new year – first – my baby boy will be 4 years old in only 11 more short days! That makes me want to cry on one hand for all our happy days of toddlerhood and the fun of seeing him grow to the little boy he has become and on the other hand I want to shot of joy as I look ahead at all the new and wonderful things he will do and become! It was a good year last year, and I am praying that the Lord continues to bless Luke and that He would continue to guide and direct David and I as we try to parent both Luke and Avery in a godly way!

My second thought is – I have never done, or made or thought that resolutions for the New Year were something I could do. But many years ago a very good friend of our families suggested that we make yearly goals. Now to me that makes more sense. Most jobs require you do to do yearly goals, why shouldn’t we for life. Plus I think it seems easier to work toward a goal than to try to “keep” a resolution. So I’ve put into motion 3 things I would like to work toward this year. For you long time readers – some of these will be the same as the ones I tried to start back when Luke started back to school in August – so needless to say, I’m carrying them over and will continue to make them goals for 09! #1 – Exercise with the goal of losing 5 pounds per month until May. Sounds attainable enough, doesn’t it? We’ll see. #2 – Daily time in the Word. I have the privilege of starting back to a women’s Bible study that I went to faithfully for many years – until I had Avery – then it was too hard to be gone one night each week and it was an adjustment in my daily schedule in order to get the homework done. So anyway, I get to start back next week with a Beth Moore study on Esther. I’m so excited. Anyway – this will also help to facilitate more consistent (like since I’m not really doing them now!) daily devotions; more time alone in the Word. Last, but not least #3 – I really would like to get some scrapbooking done!! I’m so very far behind, but we keep taking pictures! I gotta get them in some sort of scrapbook before both my kids are 16!!

So there you have it. My goals for 2009 – we’ll see how it goes, but I am gonna try really hard to meet each one! And if you’re a resolution maker – good luck to you as well!

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Nan said...

Good list! Happy New Year Holly! Squeeze the family for me!