Thursday, November 6, 2008

Elbow Pads

The other night while Luke and David were playing boat (which is something Luke started a while back) Avery comes over to me with a set of Luke’s elbow pads. They came with his bicycle helmet that we got him for Christmas last year. I guess he got them out while getting out his imaginary tools and Avery found them. So I put one on her arm, which she immediately took off and handed back to me and stuck her arm out again. Things went on like this for a while… I probably put that thing on her arm 10 times before she decided to leave it on, at which point she came with the second one wanting it on her other arm. I happily obliged her! Here are some pictures of her playing with them on. She wore them for probably 15 minutes before she took them off! She’s too funny!

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