Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I am so glad to say that today is Election Day! I’m so sick to death of all the political ads and the “he said she said” crap that is all over the TV, radio, and in my very own neighborhood!! I’m not big on political stuff to begin with and the last week or so has been almost unbearable, but after today – it’ll be mostly over! But as much as I hate politics, I have really started trying to pray more for our country and our leaders – who ever they may be! I would encourage you to do the same. Talking badly about our countries leaders doesn’t change anything, only prayer will do that!

So I was one of the many (more than I would have guessed) that got up and was at the voting polls when they opened this morning at 6:30AM! My in laws keep the kids overnight last night – which made for a wonderful date night- so I was able to get up, go vote, and even go to the grocery store this morning! I also got a full night sleep – the first one in a long time – and am overall feeling pretty good about myself as a US citizen this morning!

If you haven’t voted yet try to get out and do that today. It’s a right that is very precious to us as citizens and if you’re NOT into politics and you are sick of all the ridicules stuff going on “out there” – like people saying that Obama is the anti-christ (I don’t like him either, but come on now, I don’t think the Bible is talking about Mr. Obama when it talks about the anti-christ!!!!) it’s still our right and our duty to vote and we should each exercise that right! Plus it will make you feel good for having done so!


Amy said...

I joined you as one of the many in line at 6:00 this morning. Thankfully as soon as the doors opened at 6:30 Dad and I went in and voted. Glad you and David had a night to yourselves! Date nights are always fun.

Holly said...

Good for you and Mr. Dave!!! Date nights are fun and PF Changs was mighty good!!